Quantum Inspired Coherence Optics Research Group

Xiaofeng QianWelcome to the Quantum Inspired Coherence Optics Research Group at Stevens

Principal investigator: Assistant Professor Xiaofeng Qian

Our group focuses on theoretical and experimental research of various intrinsic links between quantum and classical physics.

We explore and study:

  • Properties such as entanglement, coherence, Bell violation, wave-particle duality, etc., that are widely considered as uniquely quantum, in the context of classical optical fields

  • Theory of multiparty quantum information including coherence/entanglement sharing, measure of multiparty coherence/entanglement, quantum multi-tasking, quantum state/coherence transfer, etc.

  • Various quantum optics and quantum foundational issues such as spontaneous emission, single photon coherence, cavity QED, quantum duality

  • The emerging field of magnonics stimulated by strong magnon-cavity interaction


Classically Entangled Optics

Classical entanglement; optical polarization, spatial and temporal coherence; emulating quantum information and quantum computation tasks with classically entangled optics

Quantum Information Science

Quantum state transfer; quantum multi-tasking; multiparty coherence and entanglement; quantum resource sharing; geometric approach to resource theory

Quantum Foundations

Bell inequality; wave-particle duality; spontaneous emission; single photon coherence; cavity QED

Quantum Magnonics

Quantum information transfer, remode entanglement generation between massive magnons, entanglement dynamics, magnon hybrid transduction, quantum networks