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Online Applied Artificial Intelligence Master's Program

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Master of Engineering, Master of Science, or Dual-Degree MBA


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Educating students to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence and its applications across a broad range of engineering domains.

The Master of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence prepares students to enter careers in engineering fields that require advanced artificial intelligence knowledge and skills.

The program consists of 30 credits, with 10 courses, and can be completed 100% online. Below are recommended course sequences based on the various Stevens AI concentrations:

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

*Elective Concentration Courses

Swap out these courses with any of the below-listed courses based on your concentration of interest:



Electrical Engineering

EE 548 Digital Signal Processing

EE 575 Introduction to Control Theory

EE 582 Wireless Networking: Architecture, Protocols and Standards

EE 603 Linear Systems Theory

EE 608 Applied Modeling & Optimization

Computer Engineering

CPE 517 Digital and Computer Systems Architecture

CPE 555 Real-Time and Embedded Systems

CPE 593 Applied Data Structures & Algorithms

CPE 679 Computer and Information Networks

CPE 690 Introduction to VLSI Design

Data Engineering

CPE 593 Applied Data Structures & Algorithms

AAI 627 Data Acquisition, Modeling and Analysis: Big Data Analytics

AAI 628 Introduction to Deep Learning for Engineering

AAI 551 Engineering Programming: Python

Software Engineering

CPE/EE 552 Engineering Programming: Java

EE 553 Engineering Programming: C++