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In a business world that prizes technology, data and analytics, the traditional management toolkit is in danger of becoming outdated.

So we created a new kind of MBA.

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48 credit program

Full and Part Time Program

STEM designated program

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Program Highlights

A STEM-Designated MBA: This MBA programs holds the STEM designation, setting it apart from ordinary offerings by infusing technology at the forefront of the curriculum. This designation also allows students from outside of the U.S. to be eligible for a 24-month extension of their Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Traditional Business Through the Technology Lens: At Stevens, conventional business disciplines are taught from a technological perspective, ensuring graduates are well-versed in leveraging leading-edge tools and methodologies to drive innovation across all aspects of a business.

AI and Machine Learning are Here to Stay: Students gain an essential understanding and practical application of AI and machine learning, equipping them to take the lead in navigating the fourth industrial revolution and propel industries forward.

Real-World Consulting Experience: The hallmark of the full-time MBA, the Industry Capstone Program, immerses students in consulting engagements with real-world companies. Students and their peers, under faculty mentors, take what they’ve learned in their courses to develop solutions to real business problems and present their recommendations to senior executives. This experience provides students with something they can speak about to hiring managers and recruiters. Open to students across graduate programs, the Industry Capstone Project encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, nurturing diverse perspectives and skill development.

Invaluable Networking Opportunities: Capstone projects partnering with companies, providing students with networking opportunities and allowing them to foster connections that can lead to career advancement.

A New Kind of MBA

The Analytics MBA at Stevens is a STEM program for recent college graduates who have studied a technical discipline, have limited professional experience and want to quickly earn an advanced degree to compete for exciting jobs at the world’s most prestigious companies — where, increasingly, even early-career work requires a master’s.

Here, faculty present traditional themes like strategy, marketing, finance and accounting through an analytical, problem-solving lens, with an emphasis on applying data-intensive methods to industry challenges. And the program’s structure encourages your personal and professional development through career support, mentorship and business immersion.

*A STEM-designated program allows students from outside of the U.S. to be eligible for a 24-month extension of their Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Capstone Experience

No graduate business education is complete without an opportunity to apply what you've learned on a project of consequence. At Stevens, that takes many forms — a consulting assignment with an industry partner, a research project that addresses an industry need, even the chance to nurture your own entrepreneurial venture — and is customized for you, your education and your career aspirations. 

The MBA in Analytics at Stevens is a learning lab that reimagines the skills a graduate business degree needs to provide for aspiring leaders in an increasingly digital economy. Coursework is a critical piece of the MBA experience at Stevens, but just as important are the experiential components that will round out the portfolio of skills you’ll use to get the job you most want. 

Analytics MBA Careers

  • Data & Reporting Analyst

  • Digital Strategist

  • Financial Analyst

  • Project Manager

  • Supply Chain Analyst

  • Sustainability Analyst

Potential hiring organizations include companies like: Deutsche Bank, EY, Goldman Sachs, Honeywell, Merrill Lynch, NJ Devils and more.

Admission Criteria

Admission to the Analytics MBA is highly competitive. To be considered for this program, your application must include the following.

Preferred Application Deadlines




SUMMER (Domestic Applicants Only)

Master's Full-Time

April 15

November 1

May 1

Master's Part-Time

August 15

January 1

May 1

  • Graduate programs admit students on a "rolling" basis, meaning that students may still apply after the preferred deadlines.

  • Students requiring an F1 Visa are strongly encouraged to apply by the preferred deadlines to allow time for visa processing.

Program Overview

The Analytics MBA at Stevens is structured around three areas of greatest need for the leaders of tomorrow's technology-driven organizations, who must be able to speak the language of business, understand how to apply new innovations within business units and across the enterprise, and interpret data to identify trends and make strategic recommendations. Classes give you a broad set of skills that are applicable in any industry.

The curriculum is further enhanced by intensive mentorship and leadership training, ensuring students graduate as well-rounded professionals who understand how the technical and specialized aspects of the company serve as drivers for future growth.

The Analytics MBA isn’t just a classroom experience — it’s a fully immersive, technology-intensive learning lab where you’ll collaborate on group projects, prepare in-depth presentations, develop your personal growth and build real-world experience in the workplace. Frequent collaboration and extracurricular opportunities will help you build a meaningful network with your fellow students that will extend into your professional career.

Foundational Courses

These foundational courses are designed to provide management principles to students from non-business backgrounds who do not have prior training in accounting, finance, and statistics. Students may be exempt from these courses with relevant work history or an undergraduate business degree. Please check with an academic advisor for determination.

These three courses can be taken prior to the start of Analytics MBA classes.

The Analytics MBA program at Stevens is available on campus or fully online.

Language of Business

One of the greatest points of frustration for technical employees is an inability to influence decision-making, as they are unable to translate their findings in ways that resonate with the C-suite. Courses in this block go beyond the basics to give you thorough command of how to understand scientific and technical advances from the viewpoint of a manager who must carefully deploy limited resources to ensure the pursuit of truly innovative developments.

Leadership and Innovation

Courses in this block are designed to work in tandem with the curricular thread of personal development, nurturing aspiring leaders to think critically about problems and creatively about resources in order to attack corporate missions with fearlessness.

Analytical Thinking

Most technical professionals are capable analysts who are most comfortable delving into technical, rather than financial or managerial, challenges. Courses in this block emphasize highly advanced analytics techniques that will teach you the ways successful managers look at and use data in understanding how markets work and making better recommendations to guide the enterprise.

Analytics MBA: Facts & Figures

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