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Systems Engineering Graduate Certificate

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If you're an engineer who wants to help solve today's business problems and meet your future career goals, this four-course, online graduate certificate is perfect for you. The material presented in the Systems Engineering certificate provides an interdisciplinary approach based on an "entire view" of missions and operational environments and combines the capabilities of platforms, systems, operators, and support to fashion solutions that meet customer needs. Our competencies are nationally recognized for our achievements in engineering education and the research philosophy rooted in effective partnerships with industry, instructors whose broad backgrounds provide a balanced blend of academic rigor with practical experience teach the program.

The following courses are required:

  • SYS625

     - Fundamentals of Systems Engineering

  • SYS650 

    - System Architecture and Design

Electives — Select two of the following:

  • EM612

     - Project Management of Complex Systems

  • SYS605 

    - Systems Integration

  • SYS750

     - Advanced System and Software Architecture Modeling and Assessment

A maximum of one of the following:

  • SYS645

     - Design for System Reliability, Maintainability and Supportability

  • SYS660 

    - Decision and Risk Analysis

  • SYS611

     - Modeling and Simulation

Program Director: Dr. Mo Mansouri

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