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Healthcare Systems and Data Analytics Graduate Certificate

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This graduate certificate will prepare students who intend to pursue a career in healthcare with a research-centered education that uses systems thinking to help solve some of the biggest challenges in global healthcare systems such as the organizations of people, institutions and resources that deliver healthcare services to meet the needs of target populations. The certificate program covers critical areas such as the application of systems engineering in healthcare, including decision science, systems thinking, human factors and digital/smart/mobile health, as well as the application of data science/analytics in healthcare.

The following courses are required:

  • EM533

     - Human Factors in Engineering 

  • EM633 

    - Decision Sciences and Data Analytics in Healthcare

The remaining two courses must be selected from the list below:

  • SYS511

     - Systems Engineering Applications in Healthcare

  • EM624 

    - Informatics for Engineering Management

  • SYS684 

    - Systems Thinking

Program Director: Dr. Carlo Lipizzi

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