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Enterprise and Cloud Computing Graduate Certificate

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This program is for students who want to become high-end IT professionals with an interest in enterprise computing. Students will learn about distributed computing from both the reliability and the security points of view.

You will learn about distributed computing  “in  the  large,”  including  enterprise  application  integration  and  service-oriented  architectures  (SOA).  You will  build on skills learned in courses in operating systems, databases, and systems programming for enterprise computing, to learn how to administer server back-ends that are the crux of modern SOA. This will involve ensuring that applications meet their goals in terms of performance, reliability, security, and privacy. A typical backend setup will involve several virtualized servers, running heterogeneous guest operating systems on top of hypervisors, organized in a highly available cluster. Data processing and Web service applications will have service level agreements (SLAs) that must be honored. The administrator must  be  able  to  respond  to  performance  issues  by  dynamically  reallocating  resources  between  applications,  while  at  the  same time responding to component failures, and potentially also security attack.

*Students take either CS526 or CS548



CS 522

Mobile Systems and Applications

*CS 526

Enterprise and Cloud Computing

or CS 548

Enterprise Software A&D

CS 549

Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing

CS 594

Enterprise and Cloud Security

Program Director: Dr. Dominic Duggan