Zahra Pournorouz (zpournor)

Zahra Pournorouz

Teaching Assistant Professor

Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Edwin A. Stevens Hall 201ANNEX


  • PhD (2018) The University of Texas at Arlington (Mechanical Engineering)
  • BS (2014) Amirkabir University of Technology (Aerospace Engineering )


Enhancing the Thermophysical Properties of Synthetic oils Nanofluids
Replacing Traditional Homework with active learning activities for Thermodynamics

General Information

“Zahra Pournorouz received her Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) in Tehran in the fall of 2014. After finishing her bachelor studies, she got admitted directly to the Ph.D. program in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington.
She has more than three years of experience teaching thermofluidic, mechanical design, solid, and structure courses and supervising senior capstone projects collaborated with industries such as Saint-Gobain. Her research is focused on nanofluids and enhancing the thermophysical properties of conventional nanofluids, which was the first demonstration of the work ever done in this field and resulting in broad environmental and cost benefits, especially in energy storage applications. She also has served in leadership roles at the Society of Women Engineers and STEM advisory task force to represent diversity and inclusion and improve student success and retention for underrepresented students.”


Stevens Institute of Technology, Teaching Assistant Professor, Sep 2022 - Present
Tarleton State University, Assistant Professor, Sep 2021 - Aug 2022
Tarleton State University, Assistant Professor (non-Tenure Track), Jan 2019 - Aug 2021

Honors and Awards

Regional Division Research Collaboration Award, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES)

Professional Societies

  • ASEE Member
  • SWE Member
  • ASME Member

Selected Publications

Pournorouz, Z., Mostafavi, A., Pinto, A., Bokka, A., Jeon, J., Shin, D., (2017) “Enhanced thermophysical properties via PAO-superstructure” Nanoscale Res Lett 12: 29.
Pournorouz, Z., Tiznobaik, H., Seo, J., Mostafavi, A., Shin, D., (2020) “Enhanced specific heat of molten salt nano-eutectic via nanostructural change” ASME Journal of Heat Transfer
Yaqub, M., Rahman, M., Pournorouz, Z., Bostanci, H., Ganta, D., Xu, Y., (2020) “Optimizing Energy Infrastructure of Autonomous Electric Vehicles” IISE Annual Conference
Pournorouz, Z., (2023) "Utilizing Active Learning to Replace Traditional Homework in Undergraduate Engineering Majors" ASEE Annual Conference


Stevens Insitute of Technology:
ENGR 234: Thermodynamics
ME 423 and 424: Senior Design Capstone
ME 515: Automotive Engineering
ME 322: Design VI

Tarleton State University:
ENGT 1306: Applied Statics
ENGT 3301: Applied Dynamics
ENGT 3305: Machine Design
ENGT 3304: Manufacturing Materials
ENGT 1100: First-year Seminar
ENGT 3360: Safety management
ENGT 4395: Senior Design Capstone
ENGT 3313: Mechanics of Materials
ENGT 4322: Applied Thermodynamics
ENGT 3385: Fluid Mechanics
ENGT 3327: Mechanical Analysis (Finite Element Analysis)