Ting Yu (tyu1)

Ting Yu

Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics

Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

Department of Physics

Burchard 711
(201) 216-5638


  • PhD (1997) Imperial College London, UK (Physics)


My research interests are in quantum information science, quantum physics and quantum technology including: Entanglement and decoherence of quantum nanodevices such as quantum dots and superconducting qubits Continuous quantum measurement and quantum feedback control Entanglement and its applications in quantum metrology and precision detection technology Quantum coherence dynamics of atomic, molecular and optical systems Theoretical modeling and simulation of complex quantum systems Non-Markovian quantum open systems and quantum trajectories Quantum phase transition, topological order and quantum topological computationEntanglement of many-body systems and quantum fields.

Institutional Service

  • Department Chair Chair
  • Physics Department Chair Chair
  • Physics Department Graduate Program Member

Professional Service

  • Quantum Information Journal associate editor
  • Scientific Reports Editorial member
  • Entropy special issue editor
  • Online NSF reviewer, Panelist
  • Stevens Institute of Technology conference chair
  • journals and funding agencies referee or reviewer

Professional Societies

  • OSA – Optical Society of America Member
  • APS – American Physical Society Member

Grants, Contracts and Funds

PI, USA NSF grant (Funded since 2008), Theory of Quantum Dynamics of AMO SystemsPI, USA DARPA grant (Funded since 2009)

Selected Publications

Book Chapter

  1. Yu, T. (2022). Non-Markovian Fermionic Quantum State Diffusion Approach. Progress in Nanoscale and Low-Dimensional Materials and Devices. Germany: Springer Verlag.

Conference Proceeding

  1. Zhao, X.; Hedemann, S. R.; Yu, T. (2013). Protecting Entangled States via Environment-Assisted Error Correction. Coherence and Quantum Optics X.

Journal Article

  1. Chatterjee, R.; Yu, T. (2021). Modular operators and entanglement in supersymmetric quantum mechanics. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical (20 ed., vol. 54).
  2. Luo, D.; Qian, X.; Yu, T. (2021). Nonlocal magnon entanglement generation in coupled hybrid cavity systems. Optics Letters (vol. 46, pp. 1073). Optics Letters.
  3. Chatterjee, R.; Das, A.; Yu, T.. Discrete Phase Space, Relativistic Quantum Electrodynamics, and a Non- Singular Coulomb Potential. Modern Physics Letters (24 ed., vol. 35, pp. 2050199).
  4. Chatterjee, R.; Yu, T.; Gili, K.; Sarma, A.. QUANTUM UNSUPERVISED AND SUPERVISED LEARNING ON SUPERCONDUCTING PROCESSORS. Quantum Information and Computation (7&8 ed., vol. 20, pp. 541-552).
  5. Chatterjee, R.; Yu, T.. Generalized Coherent States, Reproducing Kernels, and Quantum Support Vector Machines. Quantum Information and Computation (15&16 ed., vol. 17).
  6. Zhao, X.; Hedemann, S. R.; Yu, T. (2013). Restoration of a Quantum State in a Dephasing Channel via Environment-Assisted Error Correction. Phys. Rev. A (vol. 88, pp. 022321).


PEP750 Quantum Field Theory
PEP754 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
PEP552 General Relativity