Reza Peyrovian (rpeyrovi)

Reza Peyrovian

Senior Lecturer

Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

Gateway Center S249
(201) 216-8249


  • PhD (1985) University of Miami (Mathematics and Computer Science)


1. Processor Technology
2. Nature-Inspired Algorithms

General Information

Reza Peyrovian retired from AT&T Labs after 24 years. He designed and implemented both large computer software systems and telecommunication networks. he had Successful track record in billion dollars systems and network growth projects. He has been Adjunct Faculty of Computer Science Department at Stevens Institute of Technology since 1998 and has taught at least ten graduate courses , such as, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networking, Software Engineering, Software Architecture; Operating Systems, Theory of Programming Languages, Advanced Algorithm Design, Distributed Systems, and Computer Architecture. prior to that he was a faculty of University of Miami for six years.


Director/Lead Member of Technical Staff
Enterprise Architect
AT&T Labs
Middletown, NJ 2000 - 2013
Responsible for software, systems and network technology strategy, architectural direction, including Operations Support Systems, technology partner’s relationships, development and demonstration of innovative systems and operation processes. Seven top Highlights:
AT&T Labs, Network Management Systems 1998 - 2000
Program Manager and District Manager
Responsible for the program management of a division with 250 technical members and $40M budget to deliver systems and software for AT&T Data Network. Responsible for managing four software Releases per year that included about 800 features.

AT&T Labs, AT&T Switched Network Planning, 1990-1998
Principal Technical Staff Member,
Led teams of systems engineers in identifying network technology or services needs and developing cost-effective solutions. Two highlights:
· Initiated the concept of Next Network Switch for evolution of voice/data routing. Led several teams that conducted the feasibility studies, specified, planned and developed hardware and software. At one point over 400 employees worked full time on the project.
· Key designer of 1B Processor team. Designed and deployed a processor for AT&T Switched Network that doubled its capacity at a cost of about $1.5 Billion, and saved AT&T billions of dollars and still processes all TDM calls. The capacity increase played a critical role in communication during events such as San Francisco Earthquake and 9/11.


Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ
Adjunct Faculty, 1998 - present
Department of Computer Science
Taught graduate and undergraduate courses in computer science, including Software Engineering, Software Architecture; Operating Systems, Theory of Programming Languages, Distributed Systems, Object- Oriented Analysis & Design, Data Base Management I, Advanced Algorithm Design, Theory of Object-Oriented Software Design, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networking, and Computer Architecture. Has served on some Departmental Committees including Ph.D. Exam Committees, and Industry Advisor Committees.

University of Miami, Miami, FL, 1984 - 1990
Assistant Professor and Assistant Chairman
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Taught various graduate and undergraduate courses in computer science, supervising M.S. theses, and conducting research on the design and simulation of a programming language for a general-purpose parallel processor based on graph reduction architecture. Responsible for curriculum, advising students and faculty teaching assignments, department public relations, and general operation of the department consisting of over 30 faculty members and 40 graduate assistants. Taught graduate courses in data structures, software engineering, programming languages, parallel algorithms, operating systems, and computer architecture. Established computer-aided course laboratory and upgraded the university computer laboratories.

University of Shiraz, Shiraz, Iran, 1971 - 1981
Department of Mathematics
Taught and advised undergraduate students.


2022 - Present: Senior Lecturer in Computer Science Department, Stevens Institute of Technology

1998-2022 - Adjunct Faculty of Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology

1990-2013 - Director, Lead Architect at Bell Labs

1984-1990 - Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Miami

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

- Designed a new Network Processor that is widely deployed across AT&T Network
- Designed the universal "Next Network Switch" concept that integrated all form of communication from simple telephone call to machine-to-machine communication and people to machine communication.

Honors and Awards

- Received several awards for innovation and implementation during tenure at AT&T.

Grants, Contracts and Funds

- The first undergraduate (Freshman) who was awarded a grant to research at Space Technology, University of Kansas., 1972.

Patents and Inventions

Innovations were all considered proprietary by AT&T Labs.


- Virtualization
- Cloud Computing
- Software Defined Networking
- Software Engineering
- Software Architecture
- Operating Systems
- Theory of Programming Languages
- Advanced Algorithm Design
- Distributed Systems
- Computer Architecture
- Data Structures