Reza Marsooli (rmarsool)

Reza Marsooli

Assistant Professor

Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering


Flood hazards, nature-based flood mitigation, storm surge and wave climate, wave-current interactions, hydrodynamics, morphodynamics.

Selected Publications

Conference Proceeding

    Journal Article

    1. Ayyad, M.; Hajj, M. N.; Marsooli, R. N. (2022). Artificial intelligence for hurricane storm surge hazard assessment. Ocean Engineering (vol. 245, pp. 110435). Elsevier.
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    4. Marsooli, R. N.; Jamous, M.; Miller, J. N. (2021). Climate Change Impacts on Wind Waves Generated by Major Tropical Cyclones off the Coast of New Jersey, USA. Frontiers in Built Environment (vol. 7).
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    Fluid Mechanics, Urban Oceanography