Rong Liu (rliu20)

Rong Liu

Associate Professor

School of Business


  • PhD (2006) Penn State University (Information Systems)


• Blockchain and FinTech
• Deep Learning
• Text Mining
• Business Process Management


2006 - 2017: Research Staff Member, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Institutional Service

  • Committee on Committees Member
  • Graduate Curriculum Committee Member

Professional Service

  • Decision Support Systems Special Issue on Blockchain Technology and Applications Associate Editor
  • Workshop on Information Systems Technology (WITS) Program Committee
  • IEEE Services Symposium on Future of Financial Services Program Commitee
  • Journal of Database Management Special issue Co-editor
  • The 2019 Pre-ICIS SIGBPS Workshop on Blockchain Technologies and Smart Contracts Program Co-chair
  • Workshop of Information Systems Technologies (WITS) Program Commitee


2017 - present: Associate Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology

Professional Societies

  • AIS Member
  • ACM Member

Patents and Inventions

Hierarchical video concept tagging and indexing system for learning content orchestration, US Patent 10,567,850
Automatic generating analytics from blockchain data, US Patent 10,515,233
Cognitive blockchain automation and management, US Patent 10,452,998
Search for a ticket relevant to a current ticket, US Patent 10,257,055
Predicting anomalies and incidents in a computer application, US Patent 9,582,344
Creating Job Profiles Using a Data Driven Approach, US Patent App. 15/616,868
Cognitive regulatory compliance automation of blockchain transactions, US Patent App. 15/462,875
Recommending personalized jobs from automated review of writing samples and resumes, US Patent App. 15/245,085
Task association analysis in application maintenance service delivery, US Patent 9,575,799
Diagnosing incidents for information technology service management, US Patent 9,317,829
Automatic extraction of user mobility behaviors and interaction preferences using spatio-temporal data, US Patent App. 15/088,227
Retargeting system for decision making units, US Patent App. 14/979,984
Predicting anomalies and incidents in a computer application, US Patent App. 14/745,969
Process management using representation state transfer architecture, US Patent 8,984,046
Monitoring enterprise performance, US Patent 8,949,104
Creation of flexible workflows using artifacts, US Patent 8,661,444
Accelerating collaboration in task assignment by using socially enhanced model, US Patent App. 14/045,411
Continuous improvement of global service delivery augmented with social network analysis, US Patent App. 13/851,514
Accommodating schedule variances in work allocation for shared service delivery, US Patent App. 13/835,404
Automatic generation of executable components from business process models, US Patent 8,340,999
Process management using representation state transfer architecture, US Patent App. 13/425,713
Uniformly Managing Resources and Business Operations, US Patent App. 13/224,079
Deriving entity-centric solution models from industry reference process and data models, US Patent App. 12/834,389

Selected Publications


  1. Liu, R.; Subramanian, H. (2021). Journal Of Database Management- Special Issue on Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Journal Of Database Management. IGI-GLOBAL.

Conference Proceeding

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Journal Article

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BIA-660: Web Mining
BIA-667: Introduction to Deep Learning and Business Applications