Michael Zabarankin (mzabaran)

Michael Zabarankin

Professor and Department Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences

Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

Department of Mathematical Sciences

North Building 302
(201) 216-8321


inverse optimization, machine learning, optimization under uncertainty, risk analysis

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Grechuk, B.; Zabarankin, M.; Uryasev, S.; Zrazhevsky, A. (2021). Renyi Entropy and Calibration of Distribution Tails. Pure and Applied Functional Analysis (6 ed., vol. 6, pp. 1261–1271).
  2. Zabarankin, M.; Zhang, Y. (2021). Inverse Problem for Drop Deformation in Nonlinear Electrohydrodynamics. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics (5 ed., vol. 81, pp. 2180–2194).
  3. Zabarankin, M.; Grechuk, B. (2020). Matrix difference equations in applied mathematics. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics (2 ed., vol. 80, pp. 753-771).
  4. Zabarankin, M. (2020). Small deformation theory for two leaky dielectric drops in a uniform electric field. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences (2233 ed., vol. 476).
  5. Zabarankin, M. (2019). Small deformation analysis for stationary toroidal drops in a compressional flow. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics (5 ed., vol. 79, pp. 2150-2167).
  6. Zabarankin, M. (2019). A leaky dielectric drop with conical ends in an electric field. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics (5 ed., vol. 79, pp. 1768-1796).
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  8. Zhang, D.; Zabarankin, M.; Prigiobbe, V. N. (2019). Modeling salinity-dependent transport of viruses in porous media. Advances in Water Resources (vol. 127, pp. 252-263).