Mahmood Sohrabi (msohrab1)

Mahmood Sohrabi

Teaching Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in the Department of Mathematical Sciences

North Building 308
(201) 216-8321


Model Theoretical Algebra (model theory of nilpotent groups and linear groups, model theory of rings)
Geometric and Algorithmic Group Theory


CRM Postdoctoral Fellow, Univeristy of Montreal, Montreal/Canada (2010-2011)
Postdoctoral Fellow, McGill University, Montreal/Canada (2009-2010)

Institutional Service

  • Mathematical Sciences Graduate Studies Chair
  • SES Graduate Studies Committee Member
  • Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC) Member
  • SES Dean's Undergraduate Curriculum Revision Task Force Member
  • Undergraduate Committee Chair
  • SES Dean's Curriculum Revision Task Force Member
  • SES Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Member

Professional Service

  • journal of Groups, Complexity, Cryptology Peer reviewer
  • Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra Referee
  • CS conference LATA Peer Reviwer


Teaching Associate Professor, Stevens (2016 - Present)

Affiliate Associate Professor, Stevens (2014 - 2016)

Affiliate Assistant Professor, Stevens (2013 - 2014)

College Professor, Dawson College, Montreal/Canada (2011 - 2013)

Professional Societies

  • AMS – American Mathematical Society Member
  • AMS – Americal Mathematical Society Member

Selected Publications

Book Chapter

  1. Kharlampovich, O.; Myasnikov, A.; Sohrabi, M. (2021). 4 Rich groups, weak second-order logic, and applications. Groups and Model Theory (pp. 127-192). De Gruyter.

Journal Article

  1. Miasnikov, A. G.; Sohrabi, M. (2021). Complete first-order theories of some classical matrix groups over algebraic integers. Journal of Algebra (vol. 582, pp. 206-231). Elsevier BV.
  2. Myasnikov, A. G.; Oger, F.; Sohrabi, M. (2018). Elementary equivalence of rings with finitely generated additive groups. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic (6 ed., vol. 169, pp. 514-522). Elsevier BV.
  3. Gul, F.; Sohrabi, M.; Ushakov, A. (2017). Magnus embedding and algorithmic properties of groups /^{()}. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (9 ed., vol. 369, pp. 6189-6206). American Mathematical Society (AMS).
  4. Gul, F.; Myasnikov, A. G.; Sohrabi, M. (2017). Distortion of embeddings of a torsion-free finitely generated nilpotent group into a unitriangular group. International Journal of Algebra and Computation (06 ed., vol. 27, pp. 633-653). World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt.
  5. MYASNIKOV, A. G.; Sohrabi, M. (2017). ω-STABILITY AND MORLEY RANK OF BILINEAR MAPS, RINGS AND NILPOTENT GROUPS. The Journal of Symbolic Logic (2 ed., vol. 82, pp. 754-777). Cambridge University Press (CUP).
  6. Myasnikov, A. G.; Sohrabi, M. (2011). Groups elementarily equivalent to a free nilpotent group of finite rank. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic (11 ed., vol. 162, pp. 916-933). Elsevier BV.
  7. Myasnikov, A.; Sohrabi, M. (2009). Groups elementarily equivalent to a free 2-nilpotent group of finite rank. Algebra and Logic (2 ed., vol. 48, pp. 115-139). Springer Science and Business Media LLC.