Matthew Libera (mlibera)

Matthew Libera


Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Burchard 010
(201) 216-8306


Polymeric biomaterials;
Hydrogels and microgels;
Biomaterials-associated infection;
(cryo-) Electron microscopy;
Electron-beam lithography.


1989-present, Professor Stevens Institute of Technology;
2021-2022, Visiting Professor, University of Rhode Island;
2013-2018, Associate Dean of Engineering and Science;
1992- present, Director, Laboratory for Multiscale Imaging;
1996-1997, Visiting Scientist, Hoescht-Celanese Corporation, Summit, NJ;
1988-1989, Visiting Scientist; IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA;
1987-1988, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, MIT, Cambridge, MA.

Institutional Service

  • Athletics Department Recruiting - Faculty Liaison Member
  • Faculty Search Committee Chair
  • Schaefer School Committee on Promotion and Tenure Member

Professional Service

  • Chair of the 5th Stevens Conference on Bacteria-Material Interactions Chair

Honors and Awards

Morton Professorship for Excellence in Teaching 2010-2011;
Master of Engr, Honorus Causa, Stevens Inst of Tech, 2003;
Jess N. Davis Award for Exemplary Research, 1998;
Alexander Humphreys Award for Outstanding Teaching, 1997.

Patents and Inventions

M. Libera, Surface Differentially Adhesive to Bacteria and Eukaryotic Cells, U.S. Patent 8,093,009;

X. Dai, S.A.E. Marras, and M. Libera, Gel-Tethered Molecular Beacons, US 9,340,831 B2, 2016.

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Zhao, W.; Wang, H.; Xiao, X.; De Stefano, L.; Katz, J.; Lin, J. S.; Barron, A. E.; Schaer, T. P.; Wang, H.; Libera, M. (2022). Peptoid‐Loaded Microgels Self‐Defensively Inhibit Staphylococcal Colonization of Titanium in a Model of Operating‐Room Contamination. Advanced Materials Interfaces (31 ed., vol. 9). Wiley.
  2. Xiao, X.; Ji, J.; Wang, H.; Nangia, S.; Wang, H.; Libera, M. (2022). Self-Defensive Antimicrobial Surfaces Using Polymyxin-Loaded Poly(styrene sulfonate) Microgels. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering (11 ed., vol. 8, pp. 4827-4837). American Chemical Society (ACS).
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