Jae Chul Kim (jkim7)

Jae Chul Kim

Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Graduate Studies in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Burchard 009
(201) 216-8306


  • PhD (2014) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Materials Science and Engineering)


Battery Materials: Design, Processing, and Characterization
- Solid-State Chemistry
- Electrochemistry
- Crystallography
- 3D manufacturing

General Information

Openings about RA and Postdoc positions are posted in the research website.

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Postdoc: Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2015-2018)
Postdoc: Materials Science and Engineering, MIT (2014-2015)

Honors and Awards

Early Career Research Award, DOE 2022
Doctoral New Investigator Award, ACS PRF 2021

Professional Societies

  • MRS – Materials Research Society Member
  • ACers – American Ceramic Society Member
  • ECS – Electrochemical Society Member

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Yang, X.; Yan, D.; Chou, T.; Kim, J. (2023). Electrochemical Properties of a Titanium-Substituted KVPO4F Cathode for K-Ion Batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A (vol. 11, pp. 14304-14310).
  2. Zhang, Y.; Kim, J.; Song, H.; Lee, S. (2023). Recent achievements toward the development of Ni-based layered oxide cathodes for fast-charging Li-ion batteries. Nanoscale (vol. 15, pp. 4195-4218).
  3. Han, J.; Kim, J. (2020). A solid-state route to stabilize cubic Li7La3Zr2O12 at low temperature for all-solid-state-battery applications. Chemical Communications (96 ed., vol. 56, pp. 15197-15200).
  4. Yang, Y.; Han, J.; Devita, M. R.; Lee, S.; Kim, J. (2020). Lithium and chlorine-rich preparation of mechanochemically activated antiperovskite composites for solid-state batteries. Frontiers in Chemistry.
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  7. Han, J.; Chae, J.; Kim, J.; Roh, K. (2020). Facile preparation of composite electrodes for supercapacitors by CNT entrapment into carbon matrix derived from pitch at a softening point. Carbon (vol. 164, pp. 402-407).
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CHE234: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
MT588: Electrochemical Materials and Devices for Energy and Sustainability
MT602: Principles of Inorganic Materials Synthesis