Jacob Gissinger (jgissing)

Jacob Gissinger

Assistant Professor

Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science


  • PhD (2020) University of Colorado Boulder (Materials Science and Engineering)
  • BS (2014) University of Pennsylvania (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering)


In the Gissinger Group, we do computational research focused on providing molecular-level understanding of chemical degradation, mechanical failure, and dynamic response of polymeric materials, ranging from advanced space-faring components to daily use packaging, textiles and electronics. We develop and utilize the tools of molecular dynamics (MD) and machine learning (ML) to model reactive dynamics in extreme thermal and chemical environments. In collaboration with experimentalists, we design and tailor the properties of difficult-to-manufacture materials, such as high-performance polymer composites.


NASA Postdoctoral Fellow – Langley Research Center (2021-2023)

Professional Societies

  • ACS – American Chemical Society Member
  • AIChE – American Institute of Chemical Engineers Member
  • APS – American Physical Society Member
  • MRS – Materials Research Society Member

Selected Publications

Gissinger, J. R., Zavada, S. R., Smith, J. G., Kemppainen, J., Gallegos, I., Odegard, G. M., Siochi, E. J., Wise, K. E. Predicting char yield of high-temperature resins. Carbon 202, 336-347. (2023).

Gissinger, J. R., Jensen, B. D., Wise, K. E. REACTER: A heuristic method for reactive molecular dynamics. Macromolecules 53, 22, 9953–9961. (2020).

Gissinger, J. R., Jensen, B. D. & Wise, K. E. Modeling chemical reactions in classical molecular dynamics simulations. Polymer 128, 211–217. (2017).

Gissinger, J. R., Pramanik, C., Newcomb, B., Kumar, S. & Heinz, H. Nanoscale structure–property relationships of polyacrylonitrile/CNT composites as a function of polymer crystallinity and CNT diameter. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, (1), 1017–1027. (2017).


CHE 632 - Advanced Momentum Transfer