Benjamin Leinwand (bleinwan)

Benjamin Leinwand

Assistant Professor

Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

Department of Mathematical Sciences

North Building 327


  • PhD (2022) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Statistics and Operations Research)
  • BA (2013) Cornell University (Statistical Science and Economics)


My work lies at the interface of statistics and network science. Applications include neuroscience, social networks, politics.

Selected Publications

Conference Proceeding

  1. Leinwand, B. N.; Wu, G.; Pipiras, V. (2020). Characterizing Frequency-Selective Network Vulnerability for Alzheimer's Disease by Identifying Critical Harmonic Patterns. 2020 IEEE 17th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI). IEEE.

Journal Article

  1. Leinwand, B. N.; Pipiras, V.. Block dense weighted networks with augmented degree correction. Network Science (pp. 1-21). Cambridge University Press (CUP).
  2. Baek, C.; Leinwand, B. N.; Lindquist, K. A.; Jeong, S.; Hopfinger, J.; Gates, K. M.; Pipiras, V. (2023). Detecting Changes in Correlation Networks with Application to Functional Connectivity of fMRI Data. Psychometrika (pp. 1 - 20).
  3. Leinwand, B. N.; Ge, P.; Kulkarni, V.; Smith, R. (2021). Winning an election, not a popularity contest. Significance (4 ed., vol. 18, pp. 24-29). Wiley.
  4. Baek, C.; Gates, K. M.; Leinwand, B. N.; Pipiras, V. (2021). Two sample tests for high-dimensional autocovariances. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis (vol. 153, pp. 107067). Elsevier BV.