Paren Lab

Benjamin Paren

Welcome to Paren Lab at Stevens Institute of Technology

Principal Investigator: Assistant Professor Benjamin Paren

The mission of my research group is to develop safe, high-performing polymer electrolytes for electrochemical energy storage and conversion systems, which are critical for the transition to an all-renewable energy grid.

Research areas

  • Polymer electrolytes

  • Nanoscale structure and dynamics

  • Electrochemical characterization

Our lab uses a fundamental understanding of nanoscale properties, such as nanoscale structure and dynamics, to inform rational design of polymer electrolytes for use in electrochemically-active assemblies.

Our interdisciplinary team focuses on characterizing and developing polymer electrolytes for technologies that utilize resource-abundant or low-cost materials, such as Na and Mg-based batteries, and anion exchange membrane fuel cells. Common experimental techniques used by our group include X-ray scattering (structural characterization), dielectric relaxation spectroscopy (polymer and ion dynamics), and electrochemical testing.

We are always open to considering collaboration (experimental and computational) on both related and unrelated topics, particularly if the research fall under the umbrella of polymer structure and dynamics or materials for energy.


If you are interested in learning more about the lab and our research, please contact Professor Benjamin Paren at [email protected].