Undergraduate Studies and Experience Year 7

Undergraduate Studies and Experience

Total undergraduate enrollment increased from 3,431 in Fall 2018 to 3,659 in Fall 2019, an increase of 6.6%. Applications increased from 9,625 in Fall 2018 to 10,475 in Fall 2019, and selectivity improved from 41% in Fall 2018 to 40% in Fall 2019. The middle 50 percent SAT score improved once again, from 1330-1480 in Fall 2018 to 1340-1500 in Fall 2019. Although the six-year graduation rate for the freshman cohort of 2013 (Class of 2019) decreased to 85% from 87% for the cohort that entered in Fall 2012 (Class of 2018), there were a number of activities implemented to maintain and improve the strong six-year graduation rate. The placement rate for 2019 graduates who secured full time employment, were admitted to graduate school, entered the military, or secured other outcomes six months after graduation was 96%, maintaining the record high reached in 2016.

Stevens made good progress in balancing undergraduate engineering enrollment with other majors, (56% engineering of total undergraduate enrollment compared to a target of 60% for Fall 2022) and in increasing the percentage of underrepresented minorities in the undergraduate cohort (14.2% in Fall 2019) against a target of 15% for Fall 2022. The percentages of women and out-of-state undergraduates held steady at 29% and 38%, respectively, in Fall 2019 compared to the previous year. More progress is needed to increase these percentages and that of international undergraduates to reach the 2022 targets.

Activities to effect continuous improvement in student-faculty interactions, including publicizing the office hours policy, creating an Instructor Best Practices intranet page, and developing an Instructor Training Resources Canvas shell, were implemented.

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