STEP Bridge Summer Program

Bridge is the summer transition for incoming first year students accepted into STEP. It is a mandatory six week residential program (beginning from the fourth Sunday in June and concluding on the first Friday in August). 

Bridge is not a remedial program. The program offers students:

  • A practical preview of the academic rigor of Stevens' first semester core technical courses;

  • The opportunity to begin adjusting to the college environment;

  • New friendships and relationships with faculty, staff, and peers;

  • A comprehensive schedule of classes, workshops, special events, and social activities from Sunday evenings through Friday afternoons.

A team of Stevens faculty, staff, and undergraduate students (tutor-counselor/resident assistants, called TC/RA) provide academic instruction, advising, and support. The TC/RAs are an integral component of Bridge. They help the first year students adjust to the campus, and share with them a student perspective of the Stevens experience, including the ingredients for success, and establish friendships that go beyond the summer.

Bridge students begin their first semester at Stevens comfortable with the campus, with friendships already made, and a strong network of support from professional staff and peers alike.