The Semcer Center for Healthcare Innovation Forum is intended to provide opportunities networking and being informed about current breakthrough in the field of healthcare. 

In the Spring of 2023, the Center is hosting a bi-weekly faculty seminar series featuring 24 members’ research highlights from the five clusters. In the Fall of 2023, the Center will organize another bi-weekly seminar series featuring external speakers from academia, clinics and industry.

Spring 2023 Seminar Schedule

Date and Location

Topics and Speakers

February 2

Location: Zoom

Improving detection and treatment of retinal vascular diseases

Speaker: Jennifer Kang-Mieler, BME

Computational methods for predicting antibody drug developability

Speaker: Pin-Kuang Lai, CEMS

Multiscale Materials for Tissue Regeneration and Cancer Theranostics

Speaker: Hongjun Wang, BME

February 13

Location: Hybrid (McLean 510)

Rescuing Rejected Donor Lungs Using Bioengineering Technologies

Speaker: Jinho Kim, BME

Robotic Manipulation in Medical Applications: Minimally Invasive Surgery and Human Casualty Extraction

Speaker: Long Wang, ME

Deep Graph Neural Networks for Personalized Health and Disease Topographies

Speaker: Yue Ning, CS

March 7

Location: Zoom

Understanding and treating gait dysfunction in Parkinson's disease 

Speaker: George McConnell, BME

NEUROMECHANICS- A Mechanobiological Perspective On Understanding Our Brain

Speaker: Johannes Weickenmeier, ME

Healthcare sensing by graphene Speaker: Xian (Annie) Zhang, ME

March 23

Location: Edwin A. Stevens Hall 212A

Extracellular matrix scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Speaker: Xiaojun Yu, BME

Human Tissue on Chip

Speaker: Woo Lee, CCB

Integrated Robot and Wearable Sensor System for Enhanced Mobility

Speaker: Yi Guo, ECE

March 31

Location: Virtual

Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Imaging and Image processing

Speaker: Yu Gan, BME

Development of deep learning framework for brain source imaging and histopathology image analysis

Speaker: Feng Liu, SSE

Contact Mechanical Analysis and Active Guidewire in Stroke Therapy

Speaker: Yong Shi, ME

April 10

Location: Virtual

Role of ECM in wound healing response

Speaker: Ansu Perekatt, CCB

Biofabrication: Enabling Technologies From a Process and Materials Perspective

Speaker: Robert Chang, ME

Medical Image Analysis

Speaker: Hong Man, ECE

April 25

Location: Hybrid (Edwin A. Stevens Hall 111)

Turning towards understanding agile human maneuvers

Speaker: Antonia Zaferiou, BME

Developing Novel Therapeutic Agents for Breast Cancer and Privileged Molecular Building Blocks

Speaker: Abhishek Sharma, CCB

Structural, functional and dynamic bioimaging with OCT

Speaker: Shang Wang, BME

May 11

Location: Hybrid (Edwin A. Stevens Hall 212A)

Interdisciplinary Efforts in Engineering and Chemical Biology Approaches to Ovarian Cancer

Speaker: Marcin Iwanicki, CCB

Fiber Optics and Nanophotonics for Chem/Bio Sensing

Speaker: Henry Du, CEMS

Nature-Inspired Surface Engineering for Antibacterial Materials

Speaker: Chang-Hwan Choi, ME

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