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Research Pillars

Stevens performs leading-edge research in a wide variety of critical disciplines. The university has chosen to exert particular research focus on six specific foundational pillars in which Stevens currently possesses leading expertise.

These research pillars are inter- and multi-disciplinary domains that engage diverse collaborators, internal and external to Stevens, in dynamic partnerships and communities in the pursuit of large-scale grant funding and the creation of centers of excellence and practice.

Each area will be critical to national and global planning, governance, infrastructure and technology development — as well as regional, national and international safety, security and well-being. Stevens engages diverse collaborators in academic, industry and government in dynamic partnerships in these six domains in its continuous effort to maximize social benefit.


AI, Machine Learning & Cybersecurity

Stevens performs research in AI, machine learning and cybersecurity with applications to password, device and network security, healthcare, financial data and homeland security, among other areas.


Biomedical Engineering, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Through our interdisciplinary Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI), Stevens is working in key research areas toward the future benefit of patients worldwide.

Complex Systems & Networks

Complex Systems & Networks

Powered by the Center for Complex Systems & Enterprises (CCSE), Stevens systems research takes in critical areas such as emergency preparedness and logistics, transportation planning, and healthcare policy.

Data Science and Information Systems

Data Science & Information Systems

Stevens data scientists explore and mine the explosion of big data produced by devices and analytics, producing new insights and decision technologies.

Financial Systems & Technologies

Financial Systems & Technologies

Powered by the Hanlon Financial Systems Center, a state-of-the-art financial research and teaching facility, Stevens research touches all aspects of finance including regulation, contagion and investment strategy.

Resilience & Sustainability

Resilience & Sustainability

Stevens is an international leader in research exploring resilience and sustainability challenges. Our efforts focus on developing sustainable energy sources and green technologies that advance coastal and urban resilience and environmental protection while promoting societal benefits and economic growth.

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