Research and Scholarship Year 7

Research and Scholarship

Research expenditures were $36.7 million in FY19, compared to $33.1 million in FY18, and research awards totaled $37.1 million in FY19, down from $45.5 million in FY18. However, the number of research proposals submitted during FY19 was 352, the highest in Stevens’ history, and an increase of 20% from FY18. A total of 583 conference and refereed journal articles were published in FY19 compared to 528 in the prior year, a 10% increase. There was a 70% increase in the number of patent disclosures in FY19 compared to FY18, increasing to 50 from 29. The Stevens Venture Center partnered with several entities in Hoboken to promote entrepreneurship in the City.

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