iSTEM@Stevens Admission

Who is an iSTEM@Stevens student?

iSTEM@Stevens students are individuals who have a unique, innate ability to see across technologies, make connections and sprint toward success. They possess a natural talent that, if nurtured and supported in the right environment, can lead to pioneering inventions and game-changing enterprises. While this gift for engineering solutions to problems is evident to those who observe them daily at school, in many cases these talents are not always reflected in grades and/or test scores. Counselors and teachers should identify students who meet the following profile:

  • Is a current high school senior

  • Has a strong interest in computer science, cybersecurity, electrical engineering, computer engineering or software engineering as a college program of study

  • Is solutions-oriented, curious and hard-working

  • Has demonstrated exceptional problem-solving abilities not necessarily reflected in grades and test scores 

  • Is a self-starter; may have applied for a patent or started a business for an engineering creation or product 

  • Is passionate about working on projects and building systems (e.g., apps, web services, engineering prototypes, chemical compounds, mechanical systems, etc.) 

  • Has demonstrated a natural talent for rapid prototyping, system design/integration, and attention to detail

What is the iSTEM@Stevens Admission Process? 

Admission to Stevens through iSTEM@Stevens requires student participation in iSTEM@Stevens Evaluation Day, an invitation-only event held in November in which participants are assigned a task to complete and evaluated on their performance. This evaluation will be a critical component of their application to Stevens for undergraduate admission. Only students who have been nominated by their high school teacher or counselor will be considered for admission to iSTEM@Stevens. Teachers and counselors should email [email protected] for more information on how to nominate students.

Step 1: Counselor/Teacher Nomination 

A high school counselor or teacher must nominate the student. Seniors in high school who are considering specific fields (computer science, cybersecurity, electrical engineering, computer engineering and software engineering) are ideal candidates for the program. 

Step 2: Student Notification

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will contact all students nominated by their counselors or teachers and let them know they have been recommended for this special opportunity. They will be informed of the requirements for participation in iSTEM@Stevens Evaluation Day. 

Step 3: Application and Portfolio Submission

  • Students nominated for the iSTEM@Stevens program MUST submit an application for undergraduate admission to Stevens in order to be eligible for the evaluation event. 

  • Your portfolio must be submitted through your Stevens online portal. Portfolios should consist of a resume that details your education and experience as well as a list of products, patents, apps, research etc. that you have worked on or created. You may also include examples of any work you have completed, including but not limited to: (i) coding a web portal and/or app that solves a real problem, (ii) description of an innovative project where you might attempt to file a patent, (iii) description of a business start-up (even if it failed). The portfolio should be uploaded as a document and may comprise some or all of the following: (i) web-links or App Store links to products, (ii) GitHub pages for source code, (iii) YouTube video link of a product demo if hardware is involved.

  • Official high school transcripts must be uploaded through the admissions portal.

  • Official teacher and counselor letters of recommendation are not required to be considered for iSTEM@Stevens Evaluation Day but will be required at a later date to be considered for admission to Stevens. 

Step 4: Invitation to Evaluation Day

Stevens will review portfolios of nominated students and invite selected candidates to iSTEM@Stevens Evaluation Day. More information about the event will be provided at this time, including the day’s agenda and any necessary preparations.

Step 5: iSTEM@Stevens Evaluation Day

Invited students will participate in a full-day event comprising a series of technology challenges where they will be evaluated on the following:

  • Ability to analyze a problem and create a solution.

  • Ability to conduct research.

  • Interest in the creation of products, companies, and ideas.

  • Ability to reflect on knowledge they possess and identify what they lack.

  • Ability to learn new concepts quickly.

  • Ability to summarize key findings.

Step 6: Notifications

Students will receive notification of the status of their candidacy to the iSTEM@Stevens program in mid-December. Students admitted to the iSTEM@Stevens program will be considered for federal, state and institutional aid, provided they apply for financial aid and meet all established deadlines.

Important iSTEM@Stevens Dates



01 October

Counselor/teacher nominations due

22 October

Nominated students complete applications for undergraduate admission to Stevens; digital portfolios and official transcripts due

07 November

Selected students are invited to participate in iSTEM@Stevens Evaluation Day

By December 15

Students will be notified of their candidacy to the iSTEM@Stevens Program

How to Nominate a Student

To learn how to nominate a high school senior for iSTEM@Stevens, high school teachers and counselors should email [email protected].