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The Industry Capstone Program is a graduation requirement for all MBA/AMBA students, but all graduate students in the School of Business are welcome to apply and participate in this opportunity.

Before students can take the course MGT 809: Industry Capstone Program, they must first pass MGT 808: Fundamentals of Consulting. MGT 808 is a zero-credit course offered each fall and spring semester. MGT 809 is a three-credit course offered each fall, spring, and summer semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am not an MBA/AMBA student, can I still take this course?
Yes! All graduate students in the School of Business may take MGT 809: Industry Capstone Program. Please consult with your advisor if you have questions about specific program requirements.

I have not taken MGT 808: Fundamentals of Consulting yet but want to take MGT 809: Industry Capstone Program. Can I register?
All students must first pass MGT 808, before registering for MGT 809. If you feel that you qualify to waive the pre-requisite requirement, please email Christina Sargiss Alwell at [email protected] for additional information.

Will this experience assist me with networking and searching for future internship/full-time roles?
Yes! This hands-on approach to education encourages and requires students to apply what they're learning in the classroom to dynamic and complex situations. Upon completion, you will be able to share your academic project experience with recruiters and hiring managers!

How will I be graded in this course?
Students will be graded on their ability to complete tasks, collaborate with their peers and faculty advisor, manage client expectations, and deliver status update presentations. This course/project lasts one academic semester.

Student Checklist

  1. Complete the prerequisite requirement, MGT 808: Fundamentals of Consulting. This is a zero-credit course that is typically offered in the fall and spring semesters.

  2. Update your resume with your most recent skills, certifications, and experiences. For a professional resume review, you can work with the Corporate Outreach and Professional Advancement (COPA) Office.

  3. Apply for MGT 809: Industry Capstone Program via CapSource. This three-credit course is typically offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

  4. Once you complete the full application process, you will receive a confirmation email from [email protected]. You will then be matched to a project for the coming semester and be provided with onboarding information.

  5. Register for your correct section of MGT 809 and begin working with your project team and faculty advisor!

Next steps for applying

Once you pass MGT 808: Fundamentals of Consulting, you will be able to apply and register for MGT 809: Industry Capstone Program. While MGT 809 is a three-credit course, students must first apply so that they are matched with a project that best fits their program of study, experiences, skills, and interests.

The application is emailed to all School of Business graduate students approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the start of each academic semester from [email protected].

Once students complete the application, they will receive a confirmation email and next steps from our Graduate Management Team.

What people are saying

Fudi Liu

"Taking on this challenge was very helpful for my future studies and career. In the semester after the project, I participated in the UBS Machine Learning Competition and won first place. All of these experiences helped me get a job doing analytics for a marketing agency in New York. My suggestion to future students is to participate deeply in the ICP, understand the needs of enterprises and real business operations, and be willing to learn new skills. Employers will take notice." – Fudi Liu '21, M.S. Business Intelligence and Analytics, now Data Intelligence Analyst at Publicis Groupe

L'oreal logo

"I can’t say enough about how tech savvy the students are, and their level of engagement was fantastic. Our CHRO asked them a lot of great questions, and the students were able to answer them from both a technical perspective and in laymen’s terms, so people not as familiar with the analytics could understand the strategy." — Gary Winant, IT Director, Data & Analytics, L'Oreal

Kuntal Gupta

"This course has helped me better assimilate to the working culture of the United States and gain exposure to relevant and necessary professional skills. Throughout the semester, I collaborated with my peers, faculty advisor and corporate partner while conducting in-depth research. This project has been a fulfilling experience, and I have been able to take on responsibilities that actually matter to the stakeholders!" – Kuntal Gupta, Analytics MBA, '22