Certification Requirements

How to Get Certified as an Inclusive leader 

Training 25 hours

- First-year Introduction to Inclusive Leadership (congrats on completing it)
- Inclusive Leadership Workshops, Training, and Events (25 hours over 3-5 semesters) 
- School of Business workshops and speaker events
- University DEI training, workshops
- Other relevant events and training

Reflection (portfolio development):
-Documentation of your efforts, experiments and experiences
-A personal inclusive leadership statement

-Real-world contributions to inclusion, through senior design projects, service-learning projects, relevant course projects, etc. 

lakeReflection - Post Event

• Event name, date and time spent
• 2-4 paragraphs describing your takeaways

Simple Reflection e.g.
• Something new you learned
• Something you already knew that was confirmed
• A personal reaction or feeling related to your attendance/participation

Critical Reflection e.g

• Attempts to examine your underlying assumptions, values, beliefs in relation to what you experienced/did


• 1-2 things you will commit to doing based upon your participation
• Behavior/action
• Follow up learning

boatReflection - Overall

• 1-2 pages
• A summary of your key learnings and insights throughout your certification work
• Examples of how you tried to put inclusive leadership principles into practice (not necessarily whether or not you were successful)
• What worked?
• What was challenging?
• What surprised you?
• What did not go well?
• Your Inclusive leadership statement

Defining your whyYour Inclusive Leadership Statement

1 - 4 sentences describing
• Your definition of inclusive leadership
• Key values or guiding principles for you
• Specific outcomes or goals toward which you will work. Examples include:
• How you want to impact others
• Things you will do to shape/impact inclusion within the organizations you are a part of
• How you will continue learning
• What you want to be known for/how you want to be regarded in 5-10 years because of your commitment to inclusive leadership

Application - Inclusive Leadership in Practice

A description of a project or initiative you undertook to apply inclusive leadership principles:
• A project or assignment that is part of a particular course
• Something you did as a member of a club, team or other student organization
• A student design project
• Related volunteer work on or off campus
• Internships/Work
• Concerted learning efforts beyond the 25 hours required for certification
• Facilitation work in support of the Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program

University DEI Programming That Counts

Anti-Racist Leadership: Part 1
Anti-Racist Leadership: Part 2
Cross-Cultural Communication & Conflict Resolution
Safe Zone
Gender Identity & Equity

LinkedIn logoLinkedIn Learning Modules

This curated list of LinkedIn Learning modules is another set of training programs available to you. They too can count toward your certification training hour requirements. 

Inclusive Mindset (55 mins) – Dereca Blackmon, CEO of Inclusion Design Group
Communicating About Culturally Sensitive Issues (55 mins) – Daisy Lovelace, Professor, Consultant, Coach
Skills for Inclusive Conversations (53 mins) – Mary-Frances Winters, Founder and CEO of the Winters Group, Inc.
Confronting Bias: Thriving Across Our Differences (40 mins) – Vernā Myers, Inclusion Strategist, Cultural Innovator, Lawyer, Author
Leading Your Org on a Journey of Allyship (28 mins) – Vernā Myers, Inclusion Strategist, Cultural Innovator, Lawyer, Author
Unconscious Bias (24 mins) – Stacey Gordon, Founder and CEO of Rework Work
Inclusive Mindset for Committed Allies (23 mins) – Dereca Blackmon, CEO of Inclusion Design Group
Driving Change and Antiracism (15 mins) – Kwame Christian, Director of the American Negotiation Institute

headspaceAlso Consider Mindfulness

Register for Headspace at bit.ly/StevensHeadspace
• It is free to all in the School of Business

Additional Resources:
How to Fit Meditation Into Your Day
Headspace - When should I meditate?
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