Green Living Guide


Refuse | Reduce | Reuse | Repurpose

  • Refuse to acquire harmful, wasteful, and non-recyclable items.

  • Reduce your use of harmful, wasteful, and non-recyclable items.

  • Reuse items instead of acquiring new ones.

  • Repurpose items that can't be refused, reduced, or reused.


  • Bring your unwanted clothes to St. Mary Advocates Thrift Store or Wearable Collections.

  • Symposia accepts book donations.

  • Donate your used furniture and household goods at The Salvation Army.

  • Hoboken Shelter accepts a wide range of items for unhoused community members.

  • Donate unwanted items to a local organization where you live.


  • Recycle when you can't refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, or donate.

  • Stevens has single-stream recycling (all items are combined).

  • Ensure items are clean.

  • Drop off your e-waste at the Hoboken Recycling Center or at your local recycling center.

  • Visit TerraCycle to learn how to recycle packaging you would otherwise throw away.

  • Pay attention to your municipality's recycling policies.

  • When in doubt, throw it out!

Food & Dining

Sustainable Meals

  • Pierce Dining Hall offers Plant-Forward Monday Menus to reduce meat consumption.

  • The Vedge food station serves vegan and vegetarian options every day.

  • The Bowl Life station serves many vegetarian and vegan grain bowls.

  • Plant-based milk and dairy alternatives are available in all dining locations.

  • Plant-based restaurants are popping up in large cities and small towns - look for one!

Eat Local

  • Shop at Hoboken's Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown farmers' markets.

  • Look for farmers' markets where you live.

Compost Food Waste

  • Save food scraps in your freezer or compost bucket.

  • Bring your food scraps to one of the many food waste drop-off sites in Hoboken.

  • Check with your local municipality for composting opportunities.



  • Turn off lights, fans, and air conditional when you leave.

  • Unplug electrical items whenever possible.

  • Use LED bulbs.

  • Turn off power strips when not in use.

  • Adjust what you are wearing instead of turning up the heat or air conditioning.


  • Take fewer and shorter showers.

  • Turn off the water faucet when brushing your teeth.

  • Don't wash clothes after one wear; only put full loads in the washing machine.

  • Use a dishwasher instead of handwashing dishes.


Stevens Shuttle

  • Ditch the car, take transit, and then use Stevens Shuttle to get around Hoboken.


  • Many NJ TRANSIT train lines go to the Hoboken Terminal, where Stevens Shuttle picks up.

  • The Hudson-Bergen Light Rail stops at 9th St and 2nd St, where Stevens Shuttle picks up.

  • NJ TRANSIT's bus service goes from Hoboken to the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal and New Jersey locations; there are many bus stops close to campus on Washington St.

  • Eligible students receive a 25% discount on monthly student passes.

Bikes and Scooters

  • Register your bike or scooter with Bike Index.

  • Join the waitlist for free U-locks to keep your bikes and scooters safer.

  • Bike racks are located across campus.

  • Join the Citi Bike bike share waitlist for a free annual membership.

Electric Vehicles

  • Free EV charging stations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • 5 EV charging stations are located in Babbio Center Garage and 4 in Howe Center Lot.