Department of Physics Faculty

Department of Physics Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Image of Yuping Huang

Yuping Huang

Gallaher Associate Professor of Physics, Director of the Center for Quantum Science and Engineering

Image of Vladimir Lukic

Vladimir Lukic

Teaching Associate Professor

Image of Ting Lu

Ting Lu

Teaching Assistant Professor

Image of Rainer Martini

Rainer Martini

Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies (SES)

Image of Igor Pikovski

Igor Pikovski

Assistant Professor

Image of Xiaofeng Qian

Xiaofeng Qian

Assistant Professor

Image of Chunlei Qu

Chunlei Qu

Assistant Professor

Image of Christopher Search

Christopher Search

Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Physics

Image of Stefan Strauf

Stefan Strauf

Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in the Department of Physics

Image of Edmund Synakowski

Edmund Synakowski

Vice Provost for Research and Innovation

Image of Ting Yu

Ting Yu

Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics

Emeritus Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Stevens University Seal

Xiaoyang Huang


Stevens University Seal

Tatiana Morozov


Stevens University Seal

John Toland


Stevens University Seal

Debing Zeng


Visiting Faculty

Stevens University Seal

Dawei Luo

Research Scientist

Research Faculty

Image of Yong Meng Sua

Yong Meng Sua

Research Assistant Professor