Culture and Governance Year 9

Culture and Governance

In Year 9, Stevens conducted searches for 31 faculty positions, including the position of Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, two endowed chairs and two department chairs; in addition to the Provost, 25 new faculty were hired. Of the 25 new faculty members, eight are women, representing 32% of the total. Twenty seven percent of the total full-time faculty at Stevens are now women, which is the same as in the previous year. Stevens continued to strengthen the diversity of candidate pools through professional development, sample job descriptions and reviews of position descriptions in an effort to recruit faculty from underrepresented groups. In a continuing effort to improve faculty and staff satisfaction and instill pride in Stevens’ success, a number of new initiatives were developed including a Flexible Work Arrangement Pilot program, updated COVID-19 health and safety protocols, the establishment of an Employee Pandemic Appreciation Award and forums offering employees a space to address social justice concerns. Stevens conducted annual benchmarking of staff salaries, and a special adjustment initiative was implemented.

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