Students socialize at Castle Point with New York skyline in background.

Undergraduate Admissions

Few universities bring the world to you like we do. The breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline from our stunning, waterfront campus is the perfect symbol of what we offer — a world of opportunity that’s waiting for you.

As an innovation-driven university, we look for students who are motivated by ingenuity, inventiveness and inspiration. Our students have a tremendous range of interests and a penchant for pursuing unique paths. They’re engineers who are talented musicians, artists who are gifted programmers, financial whizzes who are literary buffs and biologists with a record-breaking 50-free in the pool. They’re open to opportunities that extend their reach. And that motivation results in the enormous career success that Stevens students are now famous for.

Students in Floor Lounges

Explore Our Degree Programs

Stevens' unique blend of technological education and applied learning opportunities prepares our students for the real world — and recruiters notice. We offer entrepreneurship coursework to first-year students; a wide choice of interdisciplinary majors; and unparalleled access to highly ranked internships and cooperative education. Most Stevens seniors also participate in year-long team capstone projects.

Students gathered at Babbio Patio overlooking the NYC skyline

Visit Our Campus

Nothing can compare with seeing our campus for yourself! Green lawns, distinctive buildings, and helpful people greet Stevens visitors. You will most certainly take notice of the spectacular view from our campus, situated high on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline.

A National Leader in Salaries and Satisfaction

Stevens graduates remain in exceptionally high demand by industry leaders and leading graduate schools. We offer some of the highest rankings in the nation for career placement, salary potential and return on investment.


Graduate Outcomes Dashboard

Future Ducks and their families can see a breakdown of prospective career outcomes by exploring our graduate outcomes dashboard.

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Career Outcomes Report

When it comes to landing a job after graduation, Stevens students continue to be at the head of the class. This student outcomes report provides a snapshot of the students from the Stevens Class of 2021.

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