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Ph.D. Studies at Stevens

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Here, you will find a dynamic and diverse community of researchers and thought leaders focused on solving tomorrow's global challenges today.

Our location, overlooking the Hudson River and just 10 minutes from New York City, strengthens our ties to nearby industry leaders in finance, technology, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, biomedical devices, and many other fields.

Join others who share the same academic and professional interests, and conduct interdisciplinary research in an ecosystem promoting innovation, inclusivity and entrepreneurship. 

Student & Alumni Showcase

Stevens Ph.D. student Mohamed Abdelkader

Mohamed Abdelkader

Abdelkader analyzes satellite images of rivers, lakes, ice and other features, helping key agencies like NASA, NOAA and USDA plan and prepare for floods, water shortages and other emergencies.

Vishakha Sharma headshot

Vishakha Sharma

As senior principal data scientist at Roche, Vishakha Sharma M.S. ’09 Ph.D. ’15 is transforming healthcare diagnostics through a line of software applications that reduce time to treatment and support improvements to clinical care.

Alaa Ahmed

Alaa Ahmed

Ahmed, '23, conducted research at our world-renowned Davidson Lab to design and test a new energy converter that turns wave power into usable electricity.

Louis Gomez, Stevens doctoral student

Louis Gomez

To pursue his Ph.D., Louis Gomez selected a Stevens computer science lab to develop AI-driven methods to inform better medical decisions.

Featured Faculty

Johannes Weickenmeier

Professor Johannes Weickenmeier

An NSF CAREER Award recipient, his research focuses on neurodegenerative disease at Stevens' Center for Neuromechanics.

Dr. Ying Wang, Associate Professor of Systems and Enterprises

Dr. Yin Wang

SSE professor recognized for her research at the intersection of AI, cybersecurity, healthcare and wireless infrastructure.

Muhammad Hajj (mhajj)

Professor Muhammed Hajj

Director of the Davidson Laboratory, Hajj leads resiliency research at Stevens. The university recently received nearly $1 million in Federal funding for flood prediction research.