Campus Resources

In addition to the Office of Disability Services, there are many other campus offices and resources that can benefit students during their time at Stevens. 

Office of Undergraduate Academics

The Office of Undergraduate Academics  monitors the academic progress of each student and provides general academic advising in addition to the concentration-specific guidance provided to students by their faculty mentors or advisors. The Office of Undergraduate Academics also oversees The Reduced Load Option. The Reduced Load Option reduces a student’s workload in each semester by lengthening the time from entrance to graduation from eight to ten semesters. Students who are accepted into the Reduced Load Option receive full tuition waiver in the 9th and 10th semesters. The waiver of full tuition does not extend beyond the 10th semester. The deadline to sign up is the end of the third semester for engineering students and the end of the second semester for all other students. To learn more about the services the Office of Undergraduate Academics provides, visit their website or contact them via email at [email protected]

Academic Support Center

In addition to offering free academic tutoring provided by skilled upperclassmen and graduate students, the Academic Support Center also provides workshops on Study Skills, Time Management Strategies that provide tips to help students manage their time, take better notes, study more effectively, improve memory, take tests, and handle the stresses of college life. The Academic Support Center also manages the Peer Leader Program, which provides an opportunity for new first-year students to connect with a mentor who is knowledgeable about Stevens and can assist in the academic and social transition into college. To learn more about the services the Academic Support Center provides, visit their website or contact them via email at [email protected].

The Writing and Communications Center

The Writing and Communications Center (WCC) helps students develop the written and oral communication skills essential to their success in academic coursework and beyond Stevens. To that end, the WCC helps students enhance the strength of their writing as well as identify and address their writing challenges, thereby fostering independence and confidence. WCC consultants are available at all stages of the writing process. They also provide handouts and online links as supplementary resources. To hear more about the services the WCC provides, visit their website or contact them via email at [email protected].

The Stevens Career Center

The Stevens Career Center supports students in obtaining career outcomes appropriate to their personal goals through career exploration programs, experiential education opportunities, and individualized guidance from Career Center Professional staff members. The Career Center also provides career planning workshops, corporate site visits, and a variety of on-campus recruiting opportunities throughout the year. To learn more about the services the Stevens Career Center provides, visit their website or contact them via email at [email protected].

Counseling and Psychological Services

At some point during college most students will feel overwhelmed by the demands of school, family, friends, work or other relationships. They might even struggle with a significant mental health issue. During such times it can be highly beneficial to speak one-on-one with a therapist. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) can help. CAPS provides short-term individual therapy to help students process a variety of issues and concerns. CAPS also provides group therapy and workshops that aim increase knowledge about mental health and wellness. Additionally, through the Peer Educator Program, CAPS trains selected students to serve as change agents as they promote health and wellness in the Stevens community as representatives of CAPS. To learn more about the services CAPS provides, visit their website or contact them via email at [email protected].

Title IX Coordinator

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination based on sex in educational programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance. Sex discrimination under Title IX includes sexual harassment and sexual violence by employees, students or third parties. If you experience or become aware of, an occurrence of an incident covered under Stevens policy on gender-based and sexual misconduct, you are encouraged to report the incident to Ms. Xhiljola Ruci, the Title IX Coordinator (p: 201.216.3383 or e: [email protected] ), and/or Campus Police (p: 201.216.3911).

Stevens CARE Team

The Stevens CARE Team is a network of Stevens professionals that provide a support system for students. The CARE team responds to student behavior that is disruptive or harmful and provides support that a student needs including academic, mental health, medical, or other resources depending on the nature of the problem. Individuals can share information about their concern for a student with the CARE Team by emailing [email protected] or filling out a CARE report. Please note that the CARE Team is not an emergency resource. For emergencies, call Stevens Police at 201.216.3911.

External Resources

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