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Alex Wellerstein

Alex Wellerstein (awellers)Alex Wellerstein, an associate professor of sciences and technology studies, is an accomplished historian of science and nuclear technology.

In his debut book, "Restricted Data: The History of Nuclear Secrecy in the United States", Wellerstein provides a historical account of how nuclear weapons triggered a transformative era of governmental and scientific secrecy in the United States.

Currently, he is writing a new book on Harry Truman and nuclear weapons, researching the Presidential nuclear weapons use authority, and developing a video game that envisions life after a full-scale nuclear war.

In 2023, Wellerstein earned grants from the Future of Life Institute, Outrider Foundation and the Ploughshares Fund to continue his work in nuclear scenario modeling and educational gaming. A $145,000 grant from the Future of Life Institute will support his development software for creating realistic, historically-situated models of nuclear war scenarios. The Outrider Foundation provided Wellerstein $20,000 to support students working on his Oregon Road '83 video game project. Wellerstein also secured a $24,000 grant from the Ploughshares Fund for his ongoing work on NUKEMAP.

Wellerstein is frequently featured in the media, sharing insights into his research. His writings on the history of nuclear weapons have appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic Magazine, Harper’s Magazine, and the Washington Post. His opinions and insights have also been featured in The New York Times, Netflix, Wired, NBC News, and Scientific American.

Theresa MacPhail

Theresa Macphail (tmacphai)

Theresa MacPhail, an associate professor of science and technology studies, is a medical anthropologist and writer who focuses on the culture of medicine, the practice of public health, and the production of scientific knowledge. MacPhail was named one of the inaugural fellows of the HASS Faculty Research Fellows Program.

In 2023, MacPhail released her book, "Allergic: Our Irritated Bodies In a Changing World," published by Random House. This work examines the global rise in allergies over the last two centuries, providing a deeply researched narrative. Described as "important and deeply researched" by the Wall Street Journal, the book gained significant media attention, with features in The Guardian, Newsweek, Wired, and Scientific American. She also contributed to discussions on allergies, appearing on NPR, BBC Radio 4's Start the Week, BBC Radio 5, KQED, and KERA Think.

In her other book "The Viral Network," MacPhail explores our collective fascination and fear of viruses, using the 2009 H1N1 pandemic as a focal point. She presents a narrative that traces H1N1 influenza virus's trajectory through time and space. MacPhail analyzes the public health response, navigating the complexities of the pandemic amid an economic crisis and public scrutiny.

Her current research considers the scientific and cultural perceptions of aging, along with the history of gerontology. Emphasizing the importance of acceptance, her next book will trace the evolution of aging from a natural process to a perceived medical challenge, offering critical insights into its societal impact.

In addition to her research and writing, MacPhail developed and teaches a course called "Failure 101," aiming to reshape students' perspectives on failure and its role in personal and professional development.

Samantha Muka

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Amber Benezra

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