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As one of the first departments established at Stevens Institute of Technology, the Department of Physics began with the creation of the first physics teaching lab in the country in 1872.  

Since then, our department has garnered a national and international reputation for excellence in frontline research, highlighted by notable physicists including:

The department was internationally recognized for its research and education in the field of AMO physics, elementary particles, general relativity and plasma physics throughout the 1980s and 90s. To prepare our graduates to lead in the coming quantum technological revolution, the Department of Physics has expanded into several new research fields, with the present focuses on quantum science and photonics technology, such as fundamental quantum physics, quantum information science, quantum computing, quantum optics and nano photonics. In the Department of Physics, our mission is to:

  • Provide a world-class research and academic environment to foster the creation of new and impactful knowledge while educating and inspiring students at all levels

  • Support faculty, staff and students to acquire, use, and advance the competencies needed to lead in scientific discovery and in the creation, application, and management of technology to solve complex problems, invent new processes and products, and build new enterprises

Message from the Chair

Ting YuDr. Ting Yu, Chair of the Department of PhysicsWelcome to the Department of Physics at Stevens Institute of Technology!

We pride ourselves in creating and fostering a robust learning environment for intellectual inquiry. Our research programs in physics and optics are leaders in their respective fields of endeavor. Our teaching programs prepare students for successful careers in academia and research, as well as broader areas of technology development.

The department is home to undergraduate and graduate degree programs in physics and optical engineering. The department offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Science in physics, Bachelor of Engineering in optical engineering, Master of Science in physics, Master of Engineering in quantum engineering, and Ph.D. degrees in physics. In addition, we offer minors in astronomy and photonics.

A major strength of our department lies in the small class sizes for our physics and optics majors which offer ample opportunity for close student-faculty interaction. In addition to invigorating course work and innovative pedagogy, our students can experience the excitement of scientific discovery by working on a myriad of research projects supervised by faculty members in the fields of physics and optical sciences. In all these programs, both undergraduate and graduate students can engage in the latest quantum science and technologies through Stevens Quantum Campus Network and Quantum Teaching Lab.

Please browse our department website to find more information and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information about our department and the available programs that we offer.

Dr. Ting Yu

Department Contacts

Department Administration

Ting Yu
Department Chair
[email protected]
Burchard 712

Yajaira Maysonet
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
Burchard 713A

Academic Contacts

Ting Lu
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education
[email protected]
Burchard 510

Stefan Strauf
Associate Chair for Graduate Education
Ph.D. Program Coordinator
[email protected]
Burchard 724

Kristen Martinez
Academic Advisor and Project Coordinator
[email protected]
Burchard 712