Department of Mathematical Sciences


Department Contacts

Department Administration

Michael Zabarankin

Department Chair

[email protected]


North 302

Diane Forte 

Administrative Assistant

[email protected]


North 304

Mary Bilali 

Academic Advisor and Project Coordinator

[email protected]

North 305

Academic Contacts

Jan Cannizzo

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education

[email protected]


North 306

Mahmood Sohrabi

Associate Chair for Graduate Education

[email protected]


North 308

Outreach Programs

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Stevens is committed to STEM outreach and promoting the importance of math education with local schools in the Hoboken area. 

As part of its commitment to serving the community, the Stevens math department hosts outreach initiatives with the aim of instilling a love of mathematics in young people in the local community. 

Math Olympiad

Each spring, Stevens plays host to elementary through high school students across the area who come to flex their mathematical skills and compete in the Stevens Mathematical Olympiad.

Learn more about the Math Olympiad

Math Circle Initiative

The Stevens Math Circle Initiative is an enrichment program for elementary and middle school students intended to inspire and nurture a love for mathematics, and to teach critical reasoning skills. Math Circles expose students to mathematics that is interesting, challenging, and fun, and that goes well beyond the material covered in a typical math class.

Learn more about the Math Circle Initiative