Undergraduate International Student Resources

While financial aid opportunities for international students are limited, we’ve listed information here to help you find what is available. Although international students are not eligible for federal funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Stevens awards a limited number of merit scholarships to international students. Alternative financing options exist to help you pay for your education over time. And you may also find financial aid opportunities in your home country before you begin your studies at Stevens.

Global Scholars Awards

Stevens awards a limited number of Global Scholars Awards each year to international students for exceptional academic merit. International students who wish to be considered for institutional scholarship must submit the CSS PROFILE on the College Board website. We will notify you if you receive a Global Scholars Award. This scholarship is renewable for eight full-time undergraduate semesters as long as you meet satisfactory academic progress.


Payment Plans

Like any major investment, you can finance a Stevens education over time with payment plans or by borrowing private loans, if necessary. With our interest-free installment payment plans, you can make smaller, more affordable payments instead of paying your Stevens bill in one large lump sum.


Home Country Funding 

We also recommend that you investigate other funding sources in your home country prior to beginning your studies at Stevens. External websites that you may find useful include:

Private Loans

We recommend that you exhaust all other avenues of financial aid (scholarships, grants, home-country funding, etc.) before you decide to borrow private student loans, which usually have higher interest rates. Most U.S. private lenders require you to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, but requirements vary by lender. As an international student, you may have to have a U.S. co-signer who can guarantee the loan.

We provide a Historical Lender List that Stevens students have used in the past. Some institutions on this list may make loans to international students. You can apply to borrow from lenders not on this list as well. Stevens Institute of Technology and its staff members do not endorse these lenders or receive any compensation from the lenders on our list. View each lender’s details for more information.