Study Abroad Aid

When you study abroad, your financial aid package might change. Understand why and what steps you can to take to ensure your costs are covered while you are abroad.

Why Would My Financial Aid Change When I Study Abroad?

Your financial aid award is contingent on your cost of attendance, which usually changes when you study at a university in a foreign country. Sources of aid and the procedures for securing them vary depending on the type of study abroad program or international exchange you choose.

How Does Financial Aid Apply to International Exchanges?

  • If you’re participating in an international exchange, versus a study abroad program, you will continue to be billed by Stevens for tuition and fees.

  • You may be eligible to apply your Stevens scholarship or grant toward specific international exchange partner programs.

  • You may also be eligible to apply federal financial aid to approved international exchange programs, contact the Office of Financial Aid for further details.

How Does Financial Aid Apply to Study Abroad Programs?

  • Stevens scholarships and grants and state aid cannot be applied to study abroad programs. However, you may be eligible for additional study abroad scholarships. See below for more information.

  • You may be eligible to apply for federal financial aid to approved study abroad programs, contact the Office of Financial Aid for further details.

  • Other options to fund your study abroad programs include private loans. If you already have private loans, contact your lender to make sure they can be applied toward your study abroad program.

What Do I Need to Do to Receive Aid While I’m Abroad?

  1. First contact the Office of International Programs to discuss your study abroad plans and make sure your selected study abroad program is approved by Stevens.

  2. File a completed FAFSA to ensure that you are considered for any financial aid for which you might be eligible. The federal financial aid eligibility criteria are the same whether you’re studying abroad or at Stevens.

  3. Complete the Confirmation of Arrival Form on workday, and provide the Cost of Attendance (COA) information you receive from your study abroad provider to the Office of Financial Aid, with a cc: to the Office of International Programs. This is necessary to do before your departure for study abroad.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Office of International Programs
Edward A. Stevens Building – Room 119B
1 Castle Point Terrace
Hoboken, NJ 07030p: 201.216.3518
e: [email protected]
f: 201.216.8326