Most Valuable Players

The Division of IT team nominates a most valuable player (MVP) at the end of each month to recognize the hard work and dedication of our colleagues.

OneIT MVP Winners

November 2022 - Mike Forbes, Solutions Architect

“It delights me to consistently work with smart people, create cutting-edge services, and deliver meaningful value, all for the benefit of our extraordinary Stevens students. Quack!”

October 2022 - Alex Cardoso, Client Support Specialist

“Working at Stevens has improved my career growth tremendously by being able to work with mentors and learn from different experiences. I truly feel like I'm a part of a proper team when working with my IT teammates.” 

September 2022 - Jayson Viray, Senior Network Engineer

“What I like most about being a part of Stevens OneIT is that everybody is willing to help each other and collectively collaborate to solve issues. The positive impact made on the technology experience of the  Stevens community is what I find meaningful.”   

August 2022 - Mahnoor Nizam, Academic Multimedia Specialist 

“Stevens is an environment that allows you to grow and learn. I enjoy working for Stevens and the OneIT team and being able to do what I love.” 

July 2022 - Megan Kelley, Associate Director for Data & Analytics 

“What I love about working in IT is that we all have our own departments and areas, but we genuinely are all one team. There is a true collaborative spirit in OneIT, and it is a joy to be a part of that.” 

June 2022 - Chen Cheung, Data Integration Engineer 

“Being around so many peers with a sincere desire to make Stevens a better institution is truly inspiring.” 

May 2022 - Mauricio Castano, Senior Network and Telecom Engineer

“I find working for Stevens IT to be rewarding as it allows me to be part of a team that makes an everyday impact on the entire community, working with new technologies and solutions that allow for continued university innovation.” 

April 2022 - Josh Poinsett, Associate Director of Cloud Computing and Systems Engineering

“I enjoy working in IT because it is always evolving with new technologies to learn and experiment with, and with Steven’s being an innovative institution, those new technologies are typically encouraged and welcomed.”

March 2022 - Rafat Azad, Cybersecurity Engineer 

“Working for Stevens and with the OneIT team has been a pleasure and privilege. I feel blessed to work with such outstanding professionals all focused on a singular mission of providing the highest quality IT services at a premier university.”

February 2022 - Steve Flanagan, Associate Director for Workday Solutions 

“I love the community at Stevens especially because there’s a genuine sense of wanting to collaborate. It is a great feeling to be able to proudly represent IT as part of that larger Stevens family!”

January 2022 - Luis Quispe, Associate Director of Network and Telecom Engineering 

“I love what I do because the work we put in as a team impacts so many people on campus. Most services Stevens provides have an IT component associated and it makes my day that we can deliver that service cleanly.” 

January 2022 - Morgan Kellogg, Manager of IT Communications and Training 

“I enjoy working with the diverse and unique campus community at Stevens because it allows me to learn how different users utilize our services and systems.”

December 2021 - Edward Gordils, Associate Director of Client Support Services 

“Overcoming obstacles affecting clients’ ability to use technology provides a tremendous level of accomplishment. The OneIT team is eager to embark on a transformational journey for a brighter future perspective, nothing can be more exciting.”

December 2021 - Frank Filogamo, Senior Client Support Specialist 

“Working at Stevens gives me the opportunity to interact with students and faculty and see how the projects I work on directly impact those I’m here to help.” 

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