SEVIS Activation Guide

What is SEVIS Activation?

SEVIS Activation (previously called ISSS Check-In) with the ISSS Office is a mandatory process done right before classes start after you have arrived to the U.S./to Stevens and must be completed before starting your program at Stevens. The process is required by the Department of Homeland Security, and ensures that all students who are beginning their F-1 or J-1 program at Stevens have arrived and are ready to begin.

Completing the Mandatory SEVIS Activation Form is essential for compliance with U.S. Department of Homeland Security regulations and University policies. Failure to timely check in and produce your documents to the ISSS Office may result in the loss of your lawful F-1 status.

How to complete SEVIS Activation:

SEVIS Activation is conducted virtually, through an ISSS Intranet Student Portal and should be completed only after the student's arrival to Stevens. Students who are in the United States and are ready to begin their academic program at Stevens should log into the ISSS Intranet Site using their MyStevens credentials to submit the form.

Access the SEVIS Activation Form

SEVIS Activation

Access your Electronic I-94

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