Marsooli Research Lab

Welcome to Marsooli Research LabStevens assistant professor Reza Marsooli.

Dr. Reza Marsooli is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, and the Marsooli Research Lab is part of the Ocean Engineering program. Dr. Marsooli is also the Vice President of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)-Central Jersey Branch.

Our research is motivated by applications of fluid dynamics in the context of flood risk assessment, flood hazard mitigation, river and coastal management, and climate adaptation.

By combining theories, measurements, and numerical modeling, we specifically study storm surge and wave hazards, flood mitigation, coastal hydrodynamics, estuarine transport processes, and unsteady sediment transport.


  • Educate the next-generation of engineers and scientists who tackle the next -generation of challenges in the era of climate change. 

  • Generate new knowledge and science-based information to improve understanding of and resilience to water related hazards.

Core values

  • Generate science-based and validated data and information

  • Develop and use new and innovative methods

  • Conduct multi- and inter-disciplinary collaboration

  • Increase diversity in STEM

  • Promote science outreach

Research fields

  • Flood hazards assessment

  • Wave and storm surge climatology

  • Climate change impacts 

  • Nature-based flood mitigation

  • Wave-current interactions

  • Dam/levee break/breach

  • Sediment transport

  • AI application to coastal/ocean engineering

  • Hydrodynamic/morphodynamic model development