Extension of Current J-1 Scholar/Professor

In most cases, an exchange visitor’s program may be extended if the request is within the maximum period allowed. To request an extension, the following documents must be submitted to the ISSS Advisor:

  • J-1 Scholar/Professor Department Program Extension Request For

  • Original renewal appointment letter issued by the Division of Human Resources on official letterhead outlining details of visit (including duration of extension) and salary to be paid by Stevens, if applicable.

  • Proof of sufficient funds for the extension period. The minimum level of funding required per month is $2,400 with an additional $500 per month needed for a spouse and $400 per child in J-2 dependent status. The program may be funded through the following sources:

    • Fully funded by Stevens as stipulated in the offer/invitation letter

    • Partially funded by Stevens as stipulated in the offer/invitation letter and partially funded from other resources

    • Funded fully by other resources (including personal funds)

    *Financial support may consist of a sponsorship letter from the prospective EV's home institution, original or notarized copies of bank statements, U.S. foreign government
    sponsorship letters, home country employer, international organization, etc. All financial documents must be in the English language.

  • Proof of continued health insurance that meets the minimum requirements for the period of extension for self and all dependents.