Pi Tau Sigma News and Events

Achievements and Noteworthy Accomplishments

Pi Tau Sigma congratulates the achievements of members who are part of the Class of 2023. The following chapter members of the graduating class were recognized for their academic excellence.

Bryan Mucha is among the co-Valedictorians with a perfect 4.0 average and was the co-recipient of the Lawrence C. F. Horle Memorial Award presented to the seniors who attained the highest grade point average during their entire undergraduate program at Stevens. In addition, he is also the recipient of the Eugene Fezandie Award for best overall performance by a graduating senior in Mechanical Engineering in the sequence of junior and senior year Mechanical Engineering courses.

Jett Langhorn receivedthe Andrew Carnegie Machine Systems Award for being an outstanding student of Machine Systems and Design.

Alyssa Okun is the recipient of the Richard B. Cole Award for demonstrating high academic performance, integrity, and personal dedication.

Michael Botros, Christopher Cherubini, and Thomas Moran received the Arthur J. Grymes Award for demonstrating greatest interest and proficiency in fluid mechanics.

Bruno Andino is a co-recipient of the Richard S. Magee Excellence Award for demonstrating both extracurricular involvement and leadership in departmental and campus activities.

Anthony DiFiore, Steven Skros, and Kristina Sunada received the Kenneth J. Moser Award in recognition of their outstanding performance in heat transfer.

Matthew Lauri is the co-recipient of the Fernando Sisto Award for his outstanding performance in Turbomachinery and Aerospace.

Amanda Antico received Colonel John Stevens Power and Energy Systems Award for her outstanding performance in Power and Energy Systems.

Christine Huang is a co-recipient of the Elie Fonrose Award for her promise of advancement in the field of aerospace engineering.

Christopher Ocker and Matthew Zecca were members of the capstone project team that received the award for the best Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design Project ARGOS 2.1: Articulating Robot Gaze Operated System.

Peter White was a member of the project team that received the Ansary Prize for Student Entrepreneurship to exemplify academic entrepreneurship based on the project No-Till Drill.

Murray Elinson and Kristina Sunada were members of the capstone project team that received the John Barnes Capstone Design Award for their project that merges interests in art and engineering.

Michael Botros is a co-recipient of the Humphreys/Ennis/Lesser Award for achieving highest grade point average in the required undergraduate engineering economics core courses.

Christine Huang received the Woman of Distinction Award for her academic standing and for serving as outstanding role model for her peers and achieving extracurricular merit through involvement in campus activities.

Christine Huang also received the Residence Education Service Award for fostering and enhancing campus living through outstanding service and involvement in residential education.

The following members of the Stevens Pi Tau Sigma graduating class of 2023 were also members of the New Jersey Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the Engineering Honor Society:

Bruno Andino, Vincent Andrade, Amanda Antico, Michael Botros, Christopher Cherubini, Murray Elinson, Jack Hayes, Christine Huang, Matthew Lauri, Anthony Mendo, Liana Meyer, Bryan Mucha, Christopher Ocker, Alyssa Okun, Madison Russo, Jared Skidmore, Steven Skros, Christopher Solan, Kristina Sunada, Jason Tramontana, Karen Xu and Yiding Yang.

At the state level, Amanda Antico, Alyssa Okun and Karen Xu were selected from Stevens to receivethe NASA New Jersey Space Grant Fellowship for their outstanding academic record. As part of this state-wide award, they each participated in a research project of aerospace relevance and presented a research paper and poster at the state-wide NASA New Jersey Space Grant meeting (at Montclair State University).

Special Events

Spring 2023 Initiation along with the election for chapter officers was held on May 2, 2023. Congratulations to the new initiates and the new executive committee!

The Innovation and Design Expo, which included the capstone design display by the graduating class was held on April 28, 2023. 

The chapter again successfully organized and implemented an academic tutoring program for the mechanical engineering undergraduate students during the fall and spring terms. The event covered all core engineering topics for the sophomore and junior class with a special review during the final exam period.

The Stevens Phi Omicron chapter again assisted the Mechanical Engineering Department with the virtual open house for accepted students. In addition to volunteering their time for the various virtual laboratory tours and for interactions with the students and parents several senior capstone design projects.


Undergraduate and Graduate Commencement ceremonies for the classes of 2023 were held at the Prudential Center, Newark on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. Congratulations to the graduates of 2023!

Aamer, Zain
Adams, Peter
Andino, Bruno
Andrade, Vincent
Antico, Amanda
Bass, Jonah
Botros, Michael
Capra, Leigha
Chambon, Jean
Cherubini, Christopher
DiFiore, Anthony
Dunphey, Joseph
Duphiney, Catherine
Elinson, Murray
Hayes, Jack
Hong, Daniel
Huang, Christine
Langhorn, Jett
Lauri, Matthew
Lewis, Logan
Magasic, Timothy
Marchi, Gwendolyn
Mastorio, Trevor
Mendo, Anthony
Meyer, Liana
Moran, Thomas
Mucha, Bryan
Ocker, Christopher
Okun, Alyssa
Panko, Olivia
Piserchia, Gerard
Russo, Madison
Sherman, Theodore
Skidmore, Jared
Skros, Steven
Solan, Christopher
Sunada, Kristina
Tramontana, Jason
White, Peter
Xu, Karen
Yang, Yiding
Zecca, Matthew