Other Off Campus Employment

F-1 students have two options for off-campus employment other than CPT or OPT. These other options require authorization, a new I-20 from ISSS, and also require approval and an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from USCIS. Except in rare circumstances, off-campus employment is not available until a student has completed one academic year (one fall and one spring semester) in full-time study in F-1 status within the U.S. The below information provides more specific information in regard to each type of off-campus employment authorization, severe economic hardship employment and employment with an international organization.

For both of these off-campus employment opportunities, your F-1 reporting responsibilities remain the same. You are still required to report the following information to ISSS within 10 days of making the change:

  • Change of name: Providing your updated passport noting the change.

  • Change of address: In addition to reporting this to ISSS, it is particularly important that changes of address be reported immediately to USCIS if your application is still pending with USCIS so that your documents (Receipt, Approval Notice, EAD, etc.) will be sent to you at the correct address.

Other Off Campus Employment Types