Roles and Responsibilities


  • Oversee the MDL operation and maintenance.

  • Interact with the staffs and provide consultation for maintenance.


  • Daily operation and management of cleanroom.

  • Manage user application, training, qualification, and working in MDL.

  • Maintain the operation of cleanroom facilities.

  • Coordinate equipment repair with outside vendors.

  • Coordinate lab tour and demo.

  • Act as a liaison between the director, users, physical plant, and the safety department.

  • Report to MDL director.


  • Train and qualify users

  • Report to MDL Staff


  • MicroDevice Lab Safety Policy 

    •The MDL management has implemented all reasonable measures to ensure that this cleanroom provides a safe and clean working environment. It is the responsibility of all users, guests and staff to act in a professional, courteous, and safe manner at all times while in the facility. Users violating the operating and safety rules of the facility or endangering the safety of them or other users will be denied further access to the laboratory at the sole discretion of the management.

  • MDL Safety Test 

  • Chemical Safety

  • PTC Proposal

  • Advisor Permission Form 


All manuals are available from the network drive \\storage02\medist$\MDL Manuals.

Hit Windows+R
Type \\storage02\medist$
Login using your campus Domain credential

  • SAXS from Brukers

  • MVD from Applied Microstructures

  • AFM from Pacific Nanotechnology

  • PVD from Denton Vacuum

  • XeF Etcher from Xactix

  • Nanoimprintor from Nanonex

  • SEM from FEI

  • DRIE and ICP from BMRTek