New Hires and Job Changes, May 11, 2022-January 30, 2023

Charles V. Schaefer Jr., School of Engineering & Science

  • Joseph Allen, Laboratory Manager

  • Ismail Alnadi, Senior Research Scientist, Highly Filled Materials Institute

  • Abrar Alrumayh, Teaching Assistant Professor, Computer Science

  • Zahra Ansari, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Biomedical Engineering Mohammed Attia, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Biomedical Engineering

  • Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed Ayyad, Research Scientist, Civil Environment and Ocean Engineering

  • Abdul Latif Bamba, Research Assistant, Biomedical Engineering

  • Denver Baptiste, Lecturer, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

  • Mary Bilali, Academic Advisor and Project Coordinator, Mathematical Sciences

  • Naira Chaouch, Lecturer, Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

  • Yixin Chen, Laboratory Assistant, Chemistry

  • Ziyu Chen, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering Matthew Coleman, Lecturer, Physics

  • Allison Clark, Physical Therapy Consultant, Biomechanics Research

  • Ioannis Dermatas, Research Assistant Staff, CEED Project

  • Amirsaman Eghtesad, Post-Doctoral Fellow

  • Lisa Ferrara-Ciardi, Physical Therapy Consultant, Biomedical Engineering

  • Nicole Fundaro, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Computer Science

  • Yu Gan, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

  • Ashvinbhai Gangani, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

  • Babatunde Gbadamosi, Systems Administrator, Computer Science

  • Christos Giannopoulos, Research Engineer, CEED Project

  • Sarah Goodman, Teaching Assistant Professor, Chemical, Engineering and Materials Science

  • Ruichang Guo, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Civil, Environment and Ocean Engineering Jonggi Hong, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

  • Florian Cyprien Jerram, Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering Operations

  • Logan Drazovich, Staff Researcher, IT Security

  • Matthew Janssen, Research Assistant, Coastal Engineering

  • Benson Jing, Research Assistant, CEED Project

  • Xinglong Ju, Research Scientist, Machine Learning and Data Analytics

  • Jeki Jung, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Mechanical Engineering

  • Kazi Lutful Kabir, Teaching Assistant Professor, Computer Science

  • Jennifer Kang-Mieler, Professor and Chair, Biomedical Engineering

  • Jounghyun Lee, Research Scientist, Center for Healthcare Innovation

  • Benjamin Leinwand, Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences

  • Jun Liu, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Mechanical Engineering

  • Weipeng Liu, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Bowen Luo, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Biomedical Engineering

  • Justin Magurno, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Yajaira Maysonet, Administrative Assistant, Physics

  • Milad Mirzaee, Visiting Research Scholar, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Muhammad Shafqat Mehboob, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Soil Moisture Sensing

  • Monika, Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences

  • Nikhil Muralidhar, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

  • Jacek Ossowski, Teaching Associate Professor, Computer Science

  • Franceah Palencia, Physical Therapist Consultant, Biomechanics

  • Chloe Potherat, Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering

  • Zahra Pournorouz, Teaching Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

  • Jeffrey Raab, Lecturer, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

  • Hadeer Saleh, Visiting Research Scholar, Sustainability Laboratory

  • Muhlis Nezihi Saridede, Research Scientist, Chemical Engineering and Material Science

  • Abdus Salam Sarkar, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Mechanical Engineering

  • Paul Schwartz, Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences

  • David Shekhtman, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Mechanical Engineering

  • Qiantao Shi, Research Engineer, CEED Project

  • Christopher Sugino, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

  • Jingyu Sun, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Biomedical Engineering

  • Caroline Tolin, Research Assistant, Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

  • Chaitanya Krishna Vallabh, Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

  • Dakota Van Deursen, Assistant Director, Core Engineering and Science Education

  • Kellie Walsh, Editorial Manager

  • Haotian Wang, Research Assistant, Environmental Control Lab

  • Kyle Wikfors, Physical Therapy Consultant for Balance Biomechanics, Biomedical Engineering

  • Fan Wu, Research Assistant, Machine Learning and Data Analytics

  • Frehiwot Wuhib, Operations Manager, Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SIAI)

  • Ronghuan Xu, Lecturer, Civil Environmental and Ocean Engineering

  • Arnold Yanga, Research Assistant, Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

  • Justin Yun, Research Assistant, Biomedical Engineering

  • Tewodros Zewde, Teaching Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Shuo Zhang, Research Technician, Biomedical Engineering

  • Lang Zhu, Visiting Research Scholar, Electrical and Computer Engineering

School of Business

  • Xinying (Violet) Chen, Assistant Professor

  • Arion Cheong, Visiting Assistant Professor

  • Lakshminarayan Choudur, Teaching Professor

  • Vrinda Deva, Manager of Corporate Outreach

  • Sara Drishti, Coordinator, Corporate Outreach

  • Yadilsa Gomez, Coordinator, Corporate Programs and Special Events

  • Justine Herve, Assistant Professor

  • Joon Ho Kong, Assistant Professor

  • Jingrui Li, Assistant Professor

  • Emily Nguyen, Graphic Designer

  • Sibel Ozgen Novelli, Assistant Professor

  • Hyewon Oh, Assistant Professor

  • Kevin C. Pitts, Director of Business Development

  • Stephen Taylor, Research Associate

  • Ryan Wynne, Teaching Assistant Professor

  • Haoying Xu, Assistant Professor

  • Pamela Yong, Financial Accountant

School of Systems and Enterprises

  • Sudhanshu Arya, Post-Doctoral Research Associate

  • Hojatollah Behrooz, AIRC Data Scientist, SERC

  • Sharjeel Chaudhry, Research Scientist, SERC

  • Charles Collard, Research Scientist, SERC

  • Amro Farid, Professor, Alexander Crombie Humphreys Chair Professor in Economics of Engineering

  • Terence (Joey) Flyntz, Communications Manager

  • Shydale James, Technical Copy Writer, SERC

  • Tara Kelly, Research Project Manager, SERC

  • Robert Kerwin, Research Scientist, SERC

  • Carrie Kisker, Research Scientist, SERC

  • Vilan Kvyat, Manager, Academic Operations

  • David Long, Research Scientist, SERC

  • Michael McGrath, AIRC Research Fellow, SERC

  • Christian Real, Junior Accountant, SERC

  • Randolph Rivo, Outreach and Community Engagement Manager

  • Brian Sauser, AIRC Research Fellow, SERC

  • Donald Schlomer, Research Scientist, SERC

  • Arun Seraphin, AIRC Research Fellow, SERC

  • Amy Stinchcombe, Communications Senior Manager, SERC

  • Ali Yassine, Teaching Professor

  • Christopher Zember, AIRC Research Fellow, SERC

  • Philomena Zimmerman, Research Scientist, SERC

College of Arts and Letters

  • Eddie Allen, Music Instructor

  • Joseph Bergen, Discussion Leader

  • William Burgos, Writing Consultant, Writing and Communication Center

  • Khianna Byrne, Tech Specialist

  • Kyle Canter, Discussion Leader

  • Smaran Dayal, Assistant Professor

  • Derek Graf, Lecturer

  • Kerri Johnsen, Academic Advisor

  • Caitlin Monahan, Staff Grader

  • Christine O'Donnell, Writing Consultant, Writing and Communication Center

  • Rose O'Malley, Lecturer

  • Eleonore Oppenheim, Discussion Leader

  • Allyson Packer, Teaching Assistant Professor

  • Tyler Allen Penny, Writing Consultant, Writing and Communication Center

  • Jacob Robinson, Discussion Leader

  • Louis Segura, Lecturer

  • John Simon, Music Instructor

  • Gabrielle Sims, Lecturer

Office of Academic Innovation and Faculty Affairs

  • Nina Hernandez, Director for Student Experience

  • Eve Riskin, Dean of Undergraduate Education

  • Lu Wang, Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Center

Office of Graduate Admissions

  • Capri Leone, Graduate Admissions Advisor

Office of Graduate Education

  • Carolyn Donohue, Manager, Online Partnerships

  • Timothy Franklin, Graduate Program Coordinator

  • Jillian Ryan, Assistant Director, Graduate Student Life

Office of International Student and Scholar Services

  • Lydia Sung, Coordinator

Office of the Provost

  • Roberto Lago, Assistant Director, Web Content Management

Office of the Registrar

  • Bryan Cracchiolo, Senior Assistant Registrar, Scheduling and Freshman Registration

  • Kelsey Dennehy, Operations Manager

  • Samantha Montalvo, Student Records Coordinator, Academic Records

  • Lisa Romeo, Assistant Registrar, Academic Records

  • Lauren Venechanos, Student Records Coordinator, Scheduling

Office of Research and Innovation

  • Gail P. Baxter, Interim Director, CIESE

  • Amy Dillon, Senior Contract & Grant Specialist, Office of Sponsored Programs

  • Edmund Synakowski, Vice Provost for Research and Innovation

Office of Undergraduate Academics

  • Allison Kosswig, Assistant Director, AP/IB/Transfer Credit


School of Engineering and Science

  • Juliana Abraham, Senior Research Scientist

  • Jan Cannizzo, Teaching Associate Professor, Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies, Mathematical Sciences

  • Pavel Dubovski, Teaching Professor

  • Bruce Fraser, Assistant Director of the Machine and Fabrication Shop

  • Cecilia Jololian, Office Manager, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Kristen Martinez, Academic Advisor, Project Coordinator, Physics

  • Amy Mattare, Senior Academic Advisor, Biomedical Engineering

  • Paul McClelland, Director, MakerCenter

  • Patricia Anne Muisener, Teaching Professor, Associate Chair of Undergraduate and Graduate Education, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

  • Andrey Nikolaev, Teaching Associate Professor

  • Elizabeth O’Connell, Manager of the Center for Student Success, Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

  • Ann Petrigliano, Manager, Center for Student Success

  • Sally Reiter, Assistant Coordinator, SES Center for Student Success

  • Qiantao Shi, Senior Research Scientist

  • Amalia Terracciano, Senior Research Scientist

  • Pamela Tully, Office Manager, Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

  • Robert Weiss, Assistant Director, Electronics Shop

  • Damiano Zanotto, Associate Professor

School of Business

  • Zvi Aronson, Teaching Professor

  • Soraina Baez, Budget Manager

  • Antonella Bove, Manager, Graduate Studies Administration

  • Lisa Cavanaugh, Senior Coordinator of Center for Student Success

  • Misty Cribben, Senior Coordinator of Center for Student Success

  • Zhenyu Cui, Associate Professor

  • Anthony Galante, Director of Finance

  • Jeffrey Hedrick, Assistant Dean, Operations and Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives

  • Elaine Henry, Professor

  • Aron Lindberg, Associate Professor

  • Feng Mai, Associate Professor

  • Nicole Malantchouk, Director, Corporate Engagement

  • Jesse Melchor, Manager of Doctoral Program Administration

  • Brian Rothschild, Assistant Dean and Senior Director, Management Programs

  • Christina Sargiss, Manager, Industry Capstone Program

  • Kathleen Tizon, Administrative Assistant, Business Student Support Center

  • Beatrice Wilson, Associate Director of Accreditation, Data Analytics and Operations

  • Ying Wu, Associate Professor

School of Systems and Enterprises

  • Kathryn Abel, Teaching Professor, Program Lead, Undergraduate Engineering Program/Undergraduate Industrial and Systems Engineering Program

  • Paul Grogan, Associate Professor

  • Kara Pepe, Director of Operations of SERC/AIRC

  • Keishla Surillo, Accountant, SERC

College of Arts and Letters

  • Lindsey Cormack, Associate Professor

  • Jason Vredenburg, Teaching Associate Professor

Office of Academic Innovation and Faculty Affairs

  • Alida McKee, Director, Special Programs and Administration

Office of Graduate Admissions

  • Madeline Dennis-Yates, Graduate Admissions Advsior

  • Christopher John, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions Operations

  • Bianka Salomon, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions

  • Marina Tadros, Graduate Admissions Advisor

Office of Graduate Education

  • Ellen Farris, Assistant Director of Operations and Planning

Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

  • Yangzi Mao, Assistant Director

Office of International Student and Scholar Services

  • Lauren Berlamino, Associate Director

  • Katerina Holubova, Assistant Director

  • Lydia Sung, Operations/Compliance Associate

Office of Online and Corporate Education

  • Jessica Maj, Assistant Director of Online and Corporate Education

  • Maisha Mohinuddin, Senior Coordinator of Online and Corporate Education

Office of the Provost

  • Frances Salvo, Associate Director of Academic Projects and Academic Event Management

Samuel C. Williams Library

  • Nydia Cruz, Business Manager

  • Victoria Orlofsky, Head of Research Services

Office of Undergraduate Academics

  • Julia Aitchison, Associate Director