Three Ways to Use NameCoach for Pronunciation Help

Record a Namebadge for your Email Signature: 

  • Log into your myStevens account and Click on the NameCoach icon.

  • Once on the webpage, go to the menu bar at the top of the page and click the tab labeled “MY NAMEBADGE.” 

  • Here you can fill out your profile however you desire, including adding your photo, phonetic spelling, pronouns, and more.

  • At the bottom of your profile, there are three methods to record the proper pronunciation of your name. 

  • The option “web recorder” is the easiest and most direct option to record if your computer has a mic.

  • Click and record your name.

  • When you’re done, click the submit button.  

  • You will automatically be taken to a new page with multiple options to share your recording.  

  • Click Copy or Customize your NameBadge link on the “Publish your NameBadge” tab to add it to your LinkedIn profile, and social media accounts 

  • Click the “Add Namebadge to your Email Signature” tab then follow the directions there to include a pronunciation button into your email signature. 

Record your Name in Canvas: 

  • Log-in to Canvas 

  • Click on account 

  • Click Record your Name to attach your pronunciation to your Canvas profile. 

  • Now your classmates and faculty can listen to your recording and you can listen to theirs! 

Use NameCoach in MS Outlook: 

  • Log-in to Outlook 

  • Go to Tools and select “Get Add-in” 

  • Search NameCoach 

  • Click Add to get the add-in 

  • Once installed, click the new NameCoach icon near where your “Sync” button is on your actions bar 

  • Record your name

  • Now, anyone with the MS Outlook add-in can use the search bar function to look you up and hear your recording 

  • For all emails you receive, you can now click your NameCoach add-in and a drop down menu of the name recordings for each person receiving the email will be available. 

  • If someone has not recorded their name yet, you will hear the pronunciation from a data base of recordings.