Living Learning Communities

Stevens’ Living-Learning Communities, or LLCs, bring together students who share the same identities, passions, or interests. 

The Office of Residential Education is excited to offer 8 living-learning communities as part of the Stevens residential experience including 5 first-year residential communities, 1 returning student community, and two student-designed communities.

What is a Living Learning Community?

A Living Learning Community, or LLC, is a Residential Education initiative designed to support the academic, social, and personal needs of Stevens students as they pursue their academic goals.  Students living in an LLC have the opportunity to engage in academic experiences with their peers, to interact with faculty and staff, and to enjoy the benefits of being a part of a diverse community with common scholarly and social interests and identities.  

Each living learning community is a collaboration between students, faculty, and staff from across campus focused on engaging the student participants in programs and events that enhance their Stevens experience.  Students will be a part of a close-knit community that supports academic success, cultivates an inclusive and supportive environment, fosters personal growth and social responsibility, and develops leaders and global citizens during their time at Stevens and beyond. 


Stevens’ Living Learning Communities bring together students who share the same passions and interests. 

The Lore-El Center for Women's Leadership

The Lore-El Center for Women's Leadership

Located at 802 Castle Point Terrace, the Lore-El Center for Leadership living-learning community (LLC) provides the opportunity for upperclassmen, female identifying and non-binary students to live together in a supportive residential community. Members of Lore-El benefit from interactions with peers facing similar opportunities and challenges, academically, socially, and professionally. Lore-El offers its residents faculty interaction, academic support, and an inclusive, welcoming community with other students in STEM. 

First Gen Scholars

1GS: First Generation Scholars

Residents share connections as First-year, first-generation college students navigate the academic and social transition to Stevens. The 1GS LLC provides a unique opportunity for first-generation college students to connect on a deeper level with their peers to promote academic success, increase campus involvement, and develop an enhanced sense of belonging.

Residence Hall Location: Jonas Hall

Women in STEM

Women in Math, Science, and Engineering

Women in Math, Science, and Engineering (WiMSE) living-learning community allows first-year, female-identifying, and non-binary students to live together in a supportive residential community.

Residence Hall Location: Humphreys Hall

Jazz Band Resized

The Arts

Resident students who share interests or skills in the arts (music, dance, visual art, and Design) will share a spirit of creativity and collaboration while forming informal musical groups or organizing efforts to showcase the community's talents.

Residence Hall Location: Humphreys Hall

Classroom Service

Service & Leadership

Residents are committed and passionate about civic engagement, volunteerism, and social justice. Residents will deepen their understanding of social issues, learn to think critically about Leadership and participate in community service projects.

Residence Hall Location: Castle Point Hall

Pinnacle Scholars Classroom 2017

Scholars House

Residents share connections as Pinnacle and Clark Scholars (required). Supporting the goal of the existing program, the Scholars House will continue the traditions of peer mentorship, the cultural passport that allows students to experience vibrant cultural opportunities, and the development of a strong sense of community with their peers.

Residence Hall Location: Jonas Hall

Ducks by Design

Ducks by Design are student-designed residential communities that allow groups of returning students with a concept for a themed ​community to propose their idea to create a year-long residential experience in the UCC Residential Towers.  Ducks by Design are application-based, and proposals will be ​reviewed by the Office of Residential Education. ​

Ducks by Design communities can be centered around a shared interest, passion, or identity. Additionally, each Ducks by Design community proposal will include a Faculty Fellow and Staff Liaison chosen by the students to support the goals of their community.

Applications for Ducks by Design communities are available on DuckLink in late Fall, once the housing application opens for returning students.

First Year Residential Living-Learning Communities

Returning Students Living-Learning Communities

Residential Education offers 1 returning student living-learning community. Additionally, beginning in Fall 2023, students were provided an opportunity to develop their own residential living-learning communities. Currently, there are two.

Apply to live in an LLC

Please note that the application process for living learning communities is a separate part of the standard housing application. Applications for these communities are available during the housing selection period. For more information, please contact the office of Residential Education at [email protected].