Stevens Alumni Accounts & Email Forwarding

In accordance with our Data Retention Policy, the Division of Information Technology will start automatic student de-provisioning 90 days after graduation. With this change, your student profile will switch to an alumni profile. In addition, emails sent to your Stevens account will be forwarded to your personal email address.

Alumni Profile

Alumni students are automatically switched from a student profile to an alumni profile on Okta, the platform that securely authenticates your login to the Stevens network. An alumni profile grants you access to applications that include Stevens Connect (PeopleGrove), Library, Rave, MyStevens Directory, People Finder, Transportation/parking, , Bookstore, Handshake, Big Interview, CareerShift, Interstride, Stevens Support Portal, CE Diploma service, and other relevant applications related to networking, career service, and post-graduation services.

However, with this profile, alumni will no longer have access to student-facing applications within myStevens including all Microsoft 365 applications, Google Drive, Zoom, Canvas, Google apps, and others.

Email Forwarding

Once email forwarding is activated any incoming email to the Stevens Office 365 inbox post-graduation will be automatically forwarded to the alum’s secondary or personal email set up in the Okta profile. This feature is made available as alumni will no longer be able to directly access or send emails from their mailbox. This is an automated process which requires a valid secondary email in a student’s Okta profile. Please validate your secondary email using the instructions for Alumni Email Forwarding.

What You Need to Do Before Changes Take Effect

  1. You need to backup any personal data, as you will lose access when your account is transitioned to an alumni account 90 days after graduation. You should consider backing up data in your Google Workspace, Canvas, as well as any other applications you deem necessary. You can save your important files on your personal computer or drive accordingly:

    1. Download data from Google

    2. Download data from Microsoft 365 OneDrive & SharePoint

    3. Download Canvas assignment submissions

  2. Please ensure that your “Secondary Email” in Okta, which will be used for email forwarding, is current. You can validate your secondary email address, change it, or opt out of email forwarding by following the instructions for Alumni Email Forwarding.

  3. If the “Secondary Email” field within your Okta Profile is missing or needs to be updated, you can update it on Workday. This will ensure that you will receive all forwarded emails from your Stevens inbox to the correct personal/secondary email address.
    Note: Your Okta profile will display the added/updated secondary email address around mid-March. Updates post this period will take up to 24 hours to reflect on your Okta profile.


  • Do I need to switch my profile myself on Okta?
    No. Your student profile will switch to an alumni profile automatically 90 days after graduation.

  • Why is email forwarding used?
    Stevens is providing an alternative way for alumni to continue to receive emails sent to their Stevens’ account.

  • Will I still have access to myStevens?
    Yes. However, because you are logged in through Okta with your alumni profile, you will only have access to applications available to alumni. Please refer to the “Alumni Profile” section above for more information.

  • I am an international student who has an SEVP account. How will I be impacted?
    Since your Stevens alumni account will remain active, emails will be automatically forwarded to the secondary email inbox. Email forwarding ensures you can log into the SEVP Portal using Stevens’ email address, receive password reset emails, and any other emails from the SEVP Portal.

  • I would like to request an extension. How can I do that?
    These changes are in accordance with Stevens' Data Retention Policy, hence, no extensions are allowed.

  • Do the changes impact employees?
    No. Your Stevens employee account will not be impacted.

  • I am both a Stevens’ employee and an alumni member. Will the changes impact my access?
    Accounts of active Stevens employees will not be affected. Once you depart Stevens, your employee account will switch to an alumni account.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Client Support Services at [email protected] or 201-380-6599.

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