Program for Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship at Stevens

Bring your most innovative IDEaS to life.

The Program for Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship at Stevens (IDEaS) integrates learning and technical design with entrepreneurial thinking to create an environment that fosters innovation. It helps you look beyond technical problems to identify and address problems with entrepreneurial and humanitarian value and substantial societal impact.

A student working on a robotThis robot can move, swivel, bend at the waist and respond to voice commands.IDEaS also provides you with opportunities to interact with professional mentors who guide you toward outcomes that provide maximum value to society. 

The IDEaS program operates virtual design, visualization and prototyping infrastructure, including the Prototype Object Fabrication Laboratory (PROoF LAB), which showcases Stevens' innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. The PROoF Lab features several 3D printers that enable rapid realization of complex prototypes. The lab also offers laser-cutting, machining, molding, winding and custom composites fabrication.

For Enrolled Students

Enrolled students should visit the IDEaS program web portal to schedule jobs for the PROtotype Object Fabrication Laboratory.


The IDEaS web portal provides access to resources for multi-disciplinary design, prototyping, and acquiring life-long skills required to explore intrapreneurial/entrepreneurial opportunities. Login required.

Visit the IDEaS Web Portal
Equipment in the PROtotype Object Fabrication Laboratory