Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions related to housing, meal plans, room changes, and all that the Office of Residential & Dining Services can help you with. If you have a question about a policy not answered here, please feel free to contact our office by email or phone, or by visiting us on the 2nd Floor of the Harries Tower.

General / Housing Policies / Residence Hall Information

How much does it cost to live on campus?

You can check our current rates here - please note that rates are adjusted every academic year.

Where can students do their laundry when living on campus?

Each on-campus residence hall has washers and dryers in the building. There is no charge for residents to use any of the machines.

How often are rooms cleaned?

Resident rooms are cleaned before arrival. Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms throughout the year. Housekeeping is responsible for cleaning the public areas (hallways, common area kitchens, etc.), public restrooms, and community bathrooms. Students with bathroom facilities in their individual rooms are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms.

Can I have an overnight guest?

Residents must obtain their roommates’ permission before having a guest. Residential students may only have an overnight guest for two days in any seven-day period, and no more than five days in any thirty-day period. Students will be held responsible for the actions of any guests. Overnight guests must be registered with the Office of Residential and Dining Services using the Guest Registration Form that can be found in the ‘Forms’ section of Roompact.

Are the halls secured?

All residence hall exterior doors are locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The only students who have access to the building are those students who live in the building. We expect the residents of each building to maintain safety and security by not propping doors open or giving access to non-residents.

Are there staff who live in the residence halls?

Yes. All Stevens Housing has Resident Assistants (RAs) living in the buildings. An RA is a trained returning student who serves as an advisor to the students on the floor. RAs help students adapt to their living environment, develop a sense of community, offer programs and events, connect students to campus and local resources, and resolve student concerns. RAs are supervised by professional staff members who also live in Stevens Housing and are accessible through the area offices. The RAs and professional staff are on-call 24/7 to respond to emergencies and critical incidents.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed in Stevens housing. Documented service animals and emotional support animals are permitted.

How do I get back into my room if I am locked out and do not have my key?

Contact the Harries Tower front desk to report a lockout. The RA on duty will come to unlock your room.

If you report that you have lost your key, we will then have the lock core changed. You and your roommate(s) will then be contacted to pick up your new keys. The person who reported the loss / does not return a key will be assessed a charge on their student account.

Room Assignments

When will students find out about their housing assignments?

Returning students (all students other than new, first-year students) who select a bed space during the room selection process will receive their room assignment and roommate(s)' name(s) during the spring semester. Students who apply for housing outside of the selection times (ex. Students returning for the spring semester or who missed the application deadlines) will be assigned by our office.

New first-year students will select their rooms in June. New first-year students also have the option of being assigned to a room by our office after the selection process has ended.

What does a student do if they have roommate problems?

We encourage all students to complete the online roommate agreement within the first two weeks of the assignment. Residents can email [email protected]. They may also contact their Resident Assistant (RA) or the Resident Director (RD) for their respective building, who may help mediate and attempt to resolve any roommate concerns. We expect students to respectfully speak with their roommates and communicate in an effort to resolve any conflict.

What does a student do if they do not like their room assignment?

Students should first reach out to their RA to share their concerns. The RA will assist with problem-solving if there are roommate concerns or facilities repairs needed. Should an effort be made without resolution, room changes are an option after the second week of each semester based on availability. Until a formal room change is granted, students should remain in their assigned room. Students may submit a Room Change Request Form which can be found through the myStevens Housing/Dining portal. A staff member from the Office or Residential & Dining Services will contact the student to inform them of potential spaces available.

How can I request a room change as a current student?

Room change requests can be made by going to your MyStevens and completing the room change request under the Housing & Dining section.

How can I cancel my housing as a current student?

In order to request a housing cancellation, you must log into MyStevens, click the Housing/Dining portal, and then submit the Housing Cancellation Request.


Are students living on campus required to purchase a meal plan?

All students who chose to live in Stevens Housing are required to have a Stevens meal plan. New students living on campus are required to have the Tera Bite meal plan. Returning students living on campus are required to have the Tera Bite, Giga Bite, or Mega Bite meal plan. To explore these meal plans and more of what Stevens Dining offers, visit

How does the meal plan work?

Stevens offers meal plans for residential and commuter students. Please visit our Housing and Dining Rates page for more information. Each meal plan has a set amount of Grubhub Dining Dollars that can be used wherever the student is on- or off-campus.

What are DuckBills?

DuckBills are are a cash equivalent that can be utilized at any of our food or vending locations, Campus Bookstore or at select off-campus locations. DuckBills are valued at one DuckBill = one dollar. DuckBills can be added to your card with or without a meal plan. .

How do I add DuckBills?

DuckBills can be viewed and/or replenished at any time by going to the Campus Card Office tab of your myStevens portal. Alternatively, you can add cash to the VTS machine in the library.

Is the food plan available during holidays and breaks?

There is no food service during Thanksgiving and Winter breaks. There may be no meal plan service or reduced services and hours for the meal plans during Spring Break. Students may use their Grubhub Dollars or DuckBills at off-campus restaurants.

Room Furniture & Other Items

Are students allowed to have a refrigerator and microwave in the room?

Yes; however it is highly suggested that you do not purchase your own. We recommend that you rent a MicroFridge through our rental program.

You are allowed 1 microwave and 1 fridge per room.

A microwave cannot exceed 700 watts and a compact refrigerator cannot exceed 4.0 cubic feet.

Refrigerators and microwaves are provided in the suites in 600 River Terrace, 604 River Terrace, and University Center Complex (UCC) Towers.

Microwaves are provided in the common area kitchens in all corridor style buildings (Jonas, Castle Point Hall, Palmer, Davis, Humphreys).

How long are the beds? What kind of sheets will I need?

All the beds in the residence halls are xl twin beds (36 inches wide by 80 inches long). You will need extra long (80") twin bed sheets, available at most retail stores.

Can I bunk my bed?

Yes, our beds are designed to be bunked. If you need assistance bunking your bed, please contact your Resident Assistant or visit the Residential and Dining Services Office located on the 2nd floor of Harries Tower, part of the UCC. Lofts are not permitted.

Can furniture be removed from the room and replaced with my own?

In accordance with New Jersey fire safety guidelines, non-Stevens issued furniture is not permitted in the residence halls. Oversized items including additional chairs, love seats, or large musical instruments are also not permitted. For a list of items to bring and not to bring please visit the “Housing Policies” page.

What items are provided in the residence hall rooms?

Every student is provided with the following furniture:

  • Extra-long twin bed/mattress with ~30" of clearance underneath

  • Desk, desk hutch with light, desk chair

  • (2) - two drawer dressers that can be stacked to make one 4 drawer dresser

  • Wardrobe or built-in closet. 600 River Terrace, 604 River Terrace, Davis, Humphreys, and Castle Point Hall all have wardrobes. Palmer and Jonas have built-in closets. The majority of the UCC Residential Tower Rooms have wardrobes.

  • 600 and 604 River Terrace have a full refrigerator and microwave in the common area within each suite.

  • 600 and 604 River Terrace includes a loveseat, armchairs, and a dining table with chairs.

  • The majority of the UCC Residential Towers suites have full-size refrigerators with the exception of a few suites. The UCC towers also include a 2-burner range and a convection microwave.

  • Trash cans are provided for all rooms and common areas.

In accordance with New Jersey fire safety guidelines, non-Stevens issued furniture is not permitted in the residence halls.

Does Stevens provide toiletries?

Toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap are provided in buildings that have common area bathrooms (Davis, Humphreys, and Palmer). Students living in buildings with private bathrooms (Castle Point Hall, Jonas, 600 River Terrace, 604 River Terrace, University Center Complex Towers) are responsible for bringing their own toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap). We provide shower curtains for all locations, including replacements, if needed.

What happens if students’ possessions are destroyed or stolen?

Stevens is not liable for loss of or damage to personal belongings. If you have items damaged or stolen you should file a police report with Stevens Campus Police. We suggest that you check with your parent or guardians’ homeowner’s insurance carrier to make sure you have protection against loss or damage prior to living at Stevens.

What items should you bring to college with you?

We have a list of recommendations - click here!

What do I do if there’s something broken in my room?

Work orders can be submitted by logging into your myStevens portal and clicking on the "Facilities Work Order" link (the tab's icon will read "BuildingEngines"). Students are able to keep track of the progress of all submitted work orders.

Are there storage facilities available on campus?

No. Stevens does not have storage facilities. Storage Scholars is a preferred moving, storage, and shipping partner of Stevens Institute of Technology, who will pick up and store your belongings over the summer.

Should you wish to rent storage space in a more traditional sense, there are a variety of storage facilities in Hoboken:

Nearby storage facilities:

Cube Smart - 877.279.7585

Extra Space - 855.891.5904

Public Storage - 833.814.3593

University Center Complex (UCC) Residential Towers

Which students are eligible to live in the Residential Towers?

Priority is given based on class year for sophomores, juniors, seniors (the current years’ freshmen, sophomores, and juniors - in that order).

What types of student rooms are available in the Residential Towers?

The UCC Towers contain the following suite and room types: Premium Singles, Lofted Doubles, 2 Single-Bedroom Suites, 1 Double-Bedroom & 1 Single-Bedroom Suites, and 2 Double-Bedroom Suites. For more information on room types,

Does each bedroom have individual controls for heat and air conditioning?

Each unit has one thermostat located in the common area that controls the studio or suite. Individual bedrooms within a suite do not have separate climate controls.

Does each room have cable TV connections?

The building will be equipped with robust WiFi accessible in each unit and throughout the University Center to support streaming services. Cable TV connectors are not provided.

Where can I access food in the building?

A variety of food options are offered via the UCC Marketplace and Canon Cafe, located at the base of the South and Harries Towers respectively. Vending machines are available in both the ground floor of the UCC and the Skybridge. All residential units include a kitchenette.